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How Do You Solve A Problem Like Henry February 28, 2012

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While I was taking off Henry’s onesie the other day, it kind of got stuck on his head and reminded me of Maria from the Sound of Music. Henry didn’t appreciate it one bit.

Why mom WHY???


I don't know if I should laugh or cry...


I'll go with cry...a lot


I guess it didn’t help that the whole time he was freaking out I was singing “how do you solve a problem like Maria? How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?” well I won’t type the whole song but I pretty much sang the entire thing.

In other news, Chris is leaving tomorrow for Germany. I’m a little nervous but pretty certain I won’t burn the house down.  I’m a little less worried since Henry has been sleeping relatively well these past few days and last night he slept for 12 hours which was amazing.

Bye Bye Daddy! I'll miss you!


and I'll miss my 5am feedings...that is all.


Preparing For Single Life February 23, 2012

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In just under a week, Chris is going to Germany for a week to drive around in a Porsche with his dad. I’m a little nervous about taking care of Henry on my own. Chris is a great dad and super involved with Henry so it’s going to be hard. I’m also going to really miss him. The last time we were apart was when I went to Haiti for a month in 2010.

I was worried about how long Henry would be at daycare during the day but I got some great offers from family to pick Henry up in the afternoon so he’s not spending 9 hours there. My mom plans on picking up Henry every 2nd week to spend an afternoon with him and that happens to start next Wednesday so that worked out well. Chris’ family offered to help out and pick him up on the Thursday and Friday. We’re still working out the details for that one since Chris has to figure out a way to leave his car at home so people can use it to pick him up. I’ve also decided to take the following Monday and Tuesday off to hang out with my little man (I have two days that I have to use up before the end of fiscal year or I lose them).

Anyways, I’m hoping Henry cooperates during that time.

In other news, I’ve been super tired for the past few days. I’ve been on course since Wednesday and it’s from 8:30 to 4:30 each day. By the time I get home at night, it’s almost 6pm. It makes for long days when your kid wakes you up at 4:30. I also don’t get to spend as much time with Henry which kind of saddens me. I’ll just have to remember how much I’ve missed him in the past few days when I’m dealing with him alone next weekend 🙂


Sitting on my "time out" chair.


Chilling out with mom


everything looks classier in Sepia right?


Even more classy in Black & White


Everyday I’m Shufflin’ February 19, 2012

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In just one week of daycare, Henry has learned to take a few steps on his own. They’re really tentative steps and it’s more like a pivot/shuffle thing but the look of pride on his face is one that melts your heart. He’s also now a big fan of being walked around the house with one hand. It used to be that I would hold both his hands up to make him walk and he’d lift his legs up like he was sitting. I took it as a form of protest like “I don’t want to freakin’ walk!” but yesterday I tried it again and he just started walking so quickly. I then dropped it to a one handed thing and he kept going. We made a few rounds around the ground floor of our house and my back was killing me afterwards but it was worth it.

We’ve been a little cooped up in the house what with being sick and all and with Henry a bit on the mend, we felt like it wasn’t fair to him to stay at home inside all day, so this morning, Chris and I put aside our colds for a bit and took Henry to the museum of Nature.  Henry enjoyed himself but not as much as Chris did. I kind of felt that charging $10 per adult was a bit stiff for what they were offering as exhibits but Chris says the dinosaurs alone are worth the $10.

Outside the museum.


Henry being all suspicious of the day's activity




Having fun with dad


don't look up!


Giant scary turtle


I don't think I'm supposed to touch this.


Attack of the feathered dinosaur


Me cheering myself on after having successfully completed one of the museum challenge


Mesmerized by the bison


Trying to walk along the Moose exhibit


A Blue Whale skeleton. Thought it was cool-ish.


model of a blue whale


Lunch time


We got home and Henry was kind of cranky all afternoon, evening which made me feel bad about going to the museum. He slept a little but kind of kept moaning while sleeping.  Chris and I still feel a little cruddy too so I made some comfort food for dinner and dessert.

Butter Chicken


Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies


Henry went down for good at 6pm which means he’ll probably be up super early tomorrow. I’m hoping he feels better though.





A Few Pics February 18, 2012

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I thought I’d share some of the beauiful pics that Steph’s friend Melanie took of Henry on his first birthday. Thanks Mel!




Yep, Niko was there too!


Cousins goofing around


I love this pic. It's almost like someone was threatening to kill a cuddly kitten if they didn't perform well enough.





Yum Yum Yum






What To Do When You’re Sick

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Well the entire family is sick. Henry caught it first and it spread like wildfire to the remaining members. I was warned daycare would be like this. Yesterday at work, I was sniffling away, trying to last out the entire day but ended up leaving 30 minutes early. And boy am I glad I did. Had I left on time I would have missed out on the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen happen on the highway. I was driving west on the 417 (yeah I took my car in yesterday). As I reach the exit right before mine, Moodie for those who know it, an unmarked cop car comes swerving out of nowhere and starts slaloming across all four lanes of traffic. As we’re slowly following this crazy cop car, traffic was down to like 20 km an hour and I was only 2 cars behind the cop car, I kept running through a bunch of potential scenarios as to why the hell he was doing this. I had come up with the following possibilities

1- the guy had a bunch of bees in his car

2- someone drunk, had stolen the cop car

3- this was some kind of public safety announcement about how the cops were going to crack down on distracted drivers.

Anyways, before long, traffic was back to normal and I didn’t know why until I crested a hill and saw two other cop cars basically blocking in this truck that was plastered with posters about it being judgement day and there was crap strewn across the highway. I have no idea what happened, but man was it intriguing!

Anywho, back to being sick. We’re bumming around home today. Chris was making a bunch of soup and Henry and I played upstairs. I decided to make a castle with all his megablocks while he distractedly played with a little car we got from a party loot bag (Thanks Michelle and Evan!).

I shall call it Winterfell

Crow's eye view

Another side shot...

Henry waited until I was completely finished and then, with a bit of encouraging from his father, went to town destroying my beautiful Winterfell…

Here comes trouble

Knocking down the bell tower

Destroying the gate

There's goes the top floors

Even Winterfell's bannermen "the Frogmen" couldn't stop the destruction

You tried your best Kermitt

Oh and I as Henry was destroying Winterfell, I kept narrating it and Chris told me he thinks I may have had a break with reality and that I should possibly put down the Game of Throne series until I feel a bit better. Pff… I’m fine. He wouldn’t be saying that if he had read the books.


I Choo-Choo-Choose You February 14, 2012

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Happy Valentine’s Day!! Henry chose to start the party early by waking up at 3:30 and refusing to go back to sleep. He’s totally teething. Needless to say that today was a little rough for mom and dad at work.

Wake Up Mama!!


You want a piece of this?


Confusing acting like a heartbreaker with being heartbroken


Drumming a romantic beat on Ginger while she silently pleads to the cameraman to intervene


Ginger is my Valentine!


Back In The Saddle Again February 13, 2012

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Today was my first day of work in over a year. I last worked a full day on January 14, 2011. For the past year I’ve woken up with Chris at around 5:30 to feed Henry but was able to go back to sleep until 7:30-8:00 sometimes. Not anymore. I got up at 5:30 and got slowly ready for the day ahead. We woke up Henry at 6am and I think he enjoyed the novelty of the early morning, not fully understanding what what happening.

On a side note, I’m so lucky to have a hubby like Chris. Henry and I came downstairs and Chris had Henry’s breakfast all ready with some pieces of bread and cut up strawberries. It was one less hassle to worry about on a morning full of hassles.

I dropped Henry off at 7am and as I was handing him off, he decided to poop. You could smell it during the hand off and I thought to myself “oh, they’re totally going to think I chose not to change his diaper until he got here and they could do it”. I didn’t linger too long. The daycare provider advised that it’s best to make drop off as quick as possible and not to make a big deal about it. It’s also important that you say goodbye and that the baby sees you leave. So I smothered Henry with kisses and told him I loved him and that I would see him this afternoon then left. As I walked to my car I had to keep repeating to myself “you’re wearing mascara, DO NOT CRY!!”

I decided to drive myself to work since I had a bunch of stuff to bring on my first day back. I got there at 7:30 and had a pretty warm reception. I knew that’s one thing I could count on. Another bonus is that the manager I thought was leaving is in fact sticking around so I’m excited about working for him.

The day kind of flew by. I had almost 1500 emails in my inbox. They forgot to deactivate my account when I left so I had so much crap to filter through. I also got a really great welcome back Starbucks hot chocolate from my coworker Ranbir which was very appreciated!

Anyways, like I said, the day flew by. I called the daycare around 2pm to give them my work number and they told me that Henry was transitioning really well. They even said that he was one of the better transitioners and told me that it was a sign of good socialization when he was younger so I gave myself a little pat on the back when I heard that. Unfortunately though he didn’t seem to want to nap. He slept from 11:30 to 11:50. I’m hoping tomorrow is better. Chris went to pick him up in the stroller and walked back and he slept the whole way home. We also put him down for the night at 6:30. He was just exhausted. When he saw me when I got home he gave me a great “welcome home” smile that melted my heart. I love that little guy so much!

Having breakfast... or as George R R Martin would write "Henry broke his fast on strawberries and bread"


an unsure smile for the camera


Can we go back to bed?