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Going Out With A Bang! January 30, 2012

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Today was our last music class. I’ve really enjoyed taking them and Henry just loves Nicole, like LOVES. He’ll be in the worst mood and then Nicole will start singing and he’ll get still and just smile at her for 30 minutes. If you’re ever looking for a good activity for your baby, I really recommend taking her classes. It’s called Making Music Meaningful.

Anyways, Henry, like me, is a bit of an attention hog. He loves being the center of attention. Well today I realized that I’m going to have to teach him the difference between good attention and bad attention. We were just finishing up the class, singing the goodbye song and I’ll admit, I was getting a little tearful about it being the last class and that Henry doesn’t realize that it’s the last class. He was playing around this other baby a few feet away from me when one of the mom’s says “I think one of the babies here pooped”. Then another mom looks at the babies, looks at me and says “It’s Henry”. Here I’m thinking “Don’t accuse my baby of pooping, it could be yours” then the other mom says “OHMYGOD, it’s definitely Henry!!” I take a closer look and Henry’s gray curdoroy pants are now a darkish brown colour. It was disgusting. He kept trying to get away from me as well, crawling around this one mom with his dirty pants and laughing like crazy. I finally got him and pinned him down on our travel change mat. I didn’t have any bags to put his clothes in but thankfully one of the moms gave me one. I was totally not prepared for this at all. Thinking “well it’s only a 30 minute class, I shouldn’t have to bring a ton of stuff”.

Thankfully I had a pyjama in my diaper bag that I could change him in. I used up my entire wipes container cleaning him up, then changed his diaper he rolls away afterwards as I’m pulling out his pjs and as he’s starting to crawl, I hear it again and bam… another diaper gone. I look in my diaper bag and am down to one diaper. I kind of panicked a little. I have these hand and face wipes that I had to use up all to clean him again, slapped on the new diaper, the pjs, his snowsuit and basically sped home praying that he wouldn’t do it again. He was out cold when I got home so I put him down and quickly stocked up the diaper bag to the max hoping this never happens again.

Well at least now Nicole will always remember Henry.

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