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Tick Tock January 23, 2012

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Well, I’m back at work in 3 weeks time. Less than a month. I’m pretty anxious about it. One perk was that I thought I was going back to work for a manager I really like but found out today he’ll be somewhere else now. Bummer. In 3 weeks time I have so much crap to do I feel like I need longer in order to do it all. Some of the stuff I need to do

1- Finish the baby classes I’m signed up for, meaning I have one more music class and am trying to squeeze in a few fitness classes with Fitmom before that time.

2- Buy non nursing bras for work. I’m actually pretty excited about this. I will soon no longer have the occasional “quadruple boob effect” that nursing bras often cause. I know I should wait until all the breastmilk is gone since I’ll probably have to buy another one a few months from now but I really want one now.

3- Buy work clothes. None of my former work clothes fit me anymore so I need pretty much everything new. The clothes that I’ve been wearing for pretty much a year are not suitable for work. It would be great if I could go shopping for it without Henry as well since it would give me more time to try on things instead of frantically pulling on pants and quickly glimpsing in the change room mirror while pushing a stroller back and forth to appease the baby sitting in it.

4- HAIR! Yeah, I need to get some kind of ready for work hairstyle.  Hoping my hairstylist can figure out something with the little hairs that are growing back around my hairline from where I lost it all after childbirth. It kind of just stands up straight right now.

5- Planning Henry’s birthday party. I went out today and bought all the stuff I need for his party. We’re having our immediate families over on the 5th of February. Our immediate families tally up to 25 people and I’m getting pretty excited about decorating and cooking for Henry. He won’t remember it but I hope our families do!

6- Figure out all my paperwork for going back to work. I have to make a few calls to Service Canada, my HR, my boss (or I guess my new boss now).

7- Daycare integration hoping that Henry can be cool about the whole transition.

8- Love the crap out of Henry. Actually this one should be number one but I didn’t want to sound too corny. I’m hoping he’ll be walking before he goes to daycare. He’s started getting up on his own without pulling himself on stuff so I’m assuming the next step will be actual steps.


I'm all smiles for you.


chugging down Daddy's OJ.


This stuff is delicious!


This is my beatnik poet look





One Response to “Tick Tock”

  1. Juli Says:

    Thanks for creating my to do list! Less than 2 weeks left for me!

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