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Rage de Dents January 19, 2012

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Henry has gone completely insane with teething. He will be acting normally then something will take over and he’ll lunge at me trying to bite me. It’s like trying to fend off a zombie.  His cheeks are all crusty and red and he starts randomly crying and shrieking.  Nighttime is the worst. At first I thought it was him adjusting back to this time zone but it’s been almost a week since we’re home and every night he just loses it and cries for 3 hours straight at night. He ends up passing out from just screaming. I put his teething necklace on this afternoon which seemed to help but we don’t want him wearing a necklace while trying to sleep. I also bought him this weird soother that splits in two so that it touches where his molars should be growing. He seems to enjoy chewing on that thing but again, at night he gets so far gone in his fits that he just wants to scream.

I'm in a terrible mood


this is helping a little....


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