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Tastes like chicken January 8, 2012

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Yesterday afternoon we went down to the beach at the end of our street and let Henry discover sand for the first time. I let his feet touch first and he kind of wiggled his toes in it a bit then sat down and kept lifting in his hands and letting it slip through his fingers.  He did this for a few minutes then picked up a bit of sand and slowly brought it to his mouth and licked his finger. He did this scrunchy face as if he didn’t like it but then  brought it up to his mouth again and tasted it again. I jokingly said that’s good because I want him to taste things at least twice before deciding whether or not he liked something. He tried for a third time as I was filming him but mommy was quicker than baby this time and I stopped him from doing it.

I think I'm sinking into the ground. Be very still.


I've decided this is probably awesome.


get it stuck between those little toes


this is going to taste delicious, I can just feel it.


Dipping toes into the Pacific


Flying high with daddy, trying to catch a Pelican.


Look at the water coming!!


hanging with mama, wipping his snotty nose on my head...


family pic. Henry's face seems to be saying "why are you guys crushing me?"


We had great Thai food last night for dinner and then went to bed early. Still adjusting to the time change and so is Henry. He’s still sick as well so we were up from 1 to 4 trying to get him to fall asleep again and dealing with his fever and runny nose. He’s got a pretty bad cough now too. Hopefully the nice sea air will help clear up that congestion.

Today we’re off to the local Farmer’s market and then probably back to the beach to check out the tide pools.



One Response to “Tastes like chicken”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    These pictures gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, you guys are such a cute family!

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