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Selfish Seals January 7, 2012

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Well we’ve made it to San Diego safe and sound and a little tired. Henry was a champ on the plane. Pretty quiet and slept a fair bit. I think him being a little under the weather helped. He would just kind of lie on us sometimes and quietly whisper to himself. It gave both Chris and I time to watch the dreadful movie “Cowboys and Aliens”. For some reason, I always choose to watch crappy movies on planes. It’s almost become tradition. I watched Transformers 2 and Twilight Eclipse on a plane. I think it’s because I want to save the good movies for the comfort of my home instead of straining over the drone of plane engines.

Henry slept reasonably well last night but was up for good at 4:30. We tried for an hour to get him to go back down but it was no use. The home we rented is gorgeous. We have this fenced in yard/garden that’s lush with plant life and everything has a rustic/antique feel to it. In the mater bedroom there’s a massive bathroom and then through that there’s a spacious walk in closet where Henry sleeps. I think not being in the same room as him helped us all get a better nights sleep.

Today we took it easy and walked around La Jolla. We walked all the way to the Children’s Pool. The water is pretty rough around here with large waves so a while back they built this kind of semi circle barrier that would break the surf up a bit and with the purpose of having a place where children can swim without being overpowered by the waves. Well seals caught on pretty quickly that that was prime real estate for an animal that likes sleeping all day in the sun but being close enough to the water without it splashing everywhere so now the Children’s Pool is a protected area for seals. There is so much confusing information about the area and the seals themselves. Some signs say “don’t touch the seals” others say “go ahead touch them, they’re cool” others say “give us back our beach seals!” and so forth. We weren’t quite sure what the rules were about getting close to the seals but this one women has taken it upon herself to yell at people who get to close yelling “STAY 50 FEET AWAY FROM THE SEALS, THEY’LL BITE YOU!!” over and over again as people got close to take pictures. I’m not sure if she’s paid to do this, if it’s volunteer to protect the seals or if she’s speaking from experience and has vowed to not let another person be injured by a seal.

I want YOU to fly with me

Sleeping soundly on daddy

Did you know that we're not on the ground?!?!?!

Trying to get out of his stroller and into the sea

Josie helping Chris push the stroller... or is it the other way around.

One of the rare pics of Chris and I where Chris isn't holding the camera

The Children's Pool

All the lazy seals. Although in their defense, it says that they usually have their babies in February, so most of these seals are pregnant and from personal experience, I wasn't very mobile in the last few weeks.

Gillian said today that she thinks Dr Seuss lived in California since she sees a lot of his characters in seals. I tend to agree.

one of the few standing surfers

The Birds observe all



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