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FRAK! January 5, 2012

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Last night Henry had a restless sleep. He kept moaning and groaning. At 3am he started crying so I went to see him and he was burning up. For those keeping count, that’s the 4th or 5th fever he’s had in his short almost 11 months. I gave him some tylenol and put him back down where he somewhat continued to groan through the night. I tried going back to sleep but had a pounding headache (funny how I hadn’t noticed it until after I had taken care of Henry) so I took Tylenol as well. I woke up Chris to tell him Henry had a fever and Chris said “I think I’m sick as well, my throat is sore”.

So there you have it. Perfect start to our trip. Henry was all congested this morning and so was Chris. I’m holding on to the hope that these are all side effects of teething for Henry but with Chris being ill as well, the outlook is a tad bleak.



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