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Little Bird January 4, 2012

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Another new nickname for Henry lately has been “little bird” or “Mon p’tit oiseau”. Mainly because he follows me around like I picture a little bird follows it’s mom and everytime I eat, he kind of tries to climb up my leg with his mouth open basically telling me “drop a piece of what you’re eating in here please”. It’s pretty cute.  The nickname also comes from a song I heard before Henry was born and it’s such a sweet nursery song (although I first heard it in a Futurama episode), I find myself singing it to Henry often when he follows me around begging for scraps. The singer is Elizabeth Mitchell and the entire album is great. My mom bought it for me last Christmas and I love it. It’s like folk songs for babies that adults can easily tolerate.



my little bird happily chewing away at his wood block


Happy Baby




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