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Frazzled! January 4, 2012

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We’re two short days away from our trip to San Diego and I’m feeling completely overwhelmed. I want to tidy the house before we leave but can’t seem to find the time to do it between the packing and the clingy little monster that used to go by the name Henry. He wants to be with me all the time and in my arms. A second tooth is starting to come out and I believe that’s the root (pun!) of his clinginess. He’s also somewhat reverted back to crappy nights. Last night he was up screaming every 3 hours. I’m working hard to convince myself that once that damn tooth comes out that he will go back to being my perfect little angel.

If I’m being totally honest with myself, I think underneath all these feelings of stress is the massive fear I have of going back to work in 6 short weeks. Where the hell has the time gone? Just a year ago I was saying goodbye to coworkers as I prepared for a 4 week vacation before going on maternity leave (that vacation was cut a week short by Henry’s early arrival).  Yesterday I sent out an email to my boss and our admin assistant to have them set up my systems access, get my blackberry in order and figure out accommodations for me. I practically cried the entire time I typed my email. I spoke to the supervisor of Henry’s daycare today to prepare for his integration into it and she was saying that at the moment, most of the kids in the baby class can walk. I worry my little guy won’t walk in time and I don’t want him to be left behind while all the other babies run and play. Ok, I got to stop all this, it’s making things worse.

For now I’ll concentrate on trying to make our plane ride to San Diego as pleasant and worry free as possible and then once there, just enjoy myself (and the possible free babysitting!).

Henry already shying away... (notice the kind of freaked out grin I have... I can't seem to mask my feelings of stress)


And just for the fun of it, some more recent pics

Playing ball with Ginger. They kind of look like they're circling and about to duel don't they?


The house of blocks that Chris and I built. We took a picture since Henry was itching to destroy it. Once we let go of him, he took the whole thing down. We've given Henry the nickname "Stormageddon" (for all those Doctor Who fans out there)


Playing with the fire truck he received from the Grand D'Unk. (Chris' uncle Dennis)


Not enjoying the paper New Years hat. Just like his mom, doesn't like getting his hair mussed up.


Plus it makes a much better snack than hat.


Atticus taunting Henry "Just slip under the gate and I'm all yours Henry, all you have to do is slip under"


During Henry's morning circuit. Start at the baby gate, go under the piano bench, then along the buffet, then under the dining room table and back at the gate. Repeat 10 times and shriek louder and louder with each round.


Caught Henry's "SHRIEK" face!


Our new toy storage system/side table.


2 Responses to “Frazzled!”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Really like the toy storage / side table!

  2. Caitlin Says:

    I know it’s no consellation (sp?!) but I am SUPER excited to have you back at work, and I’m sure everyone else is as well 🙂
    I know that won’t make you feel all that better, but its the truth!
    I suggest many coffee and lunch dates with Shana, Courtney and myself to help ease yourself back in 🙂

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