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Our Weekend in Pictures January 30, 2012

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We had a pretty busy weekend. Company on Friday night, Saturday morning was spent re-learning infant and child CPR. Spent a large part of the weekend at various home renovating stores looking for ideas for our bathroom remodeling and took Henry out for a spin in his sled. A very productive weekend actually!

Looking at the snow fall with Ginger


Playing with his new cell phone. Hopefully this will stop him from grabbing our phones and making calls.


This looks pretty comfy!


Floor tile we like and wall subway tile for the shower.


Walking over to the Barley Mow for dinner Saturday night


I'm sorry mom, I have to take this.


Day Lowe's this time. Like the vanity, not the countertop.


So many faucets to choose from... Notice how we took pics of the cheaper ones. I'm not spending almost $200 for a faucet.


Possible ceiling fan for our master bedroom. Henry loved this section of Lowe's. We could have probably left him there while we looked around. He was so mesmerized.


Out for a walk with our sled. Ginger almost ripped my arm off during this photo since Chris and Henry were getting ahead.


Kept thinking of the song from Aladdin "Make Way For Prince Ali"




Going Out With A Bang!

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Today was our last music class. I’ve really enjoyed taking them and Henry just loves Nicole, like LOVES. He’ll be in the worst mood and then Nicole will start singing and he’ll get still and just smile at her for 30 minutes. If you’re ever looking for a good activity for your baby, I really recommend taking her classes. It’s called Making Music Meaningful.

Anyways, Henry, like me, is a bit of an attention hog. He loves being the center of attention. Well today I realized that I’m going to have to teach him the difference between good attention and bad attention. We were just finishing up the class, singing the goodbye song and I’ll admit, I was getting a little tearful about it being the last class and that Henry doesn’t realize that it’s the last class. He was playing around this other baby a few feet away from me when one of the mom’s says “I think one of the babies here pooped”. Then another mom looks at the babies, looks at me and says “It’s Henry”. Here I’m thinking “Don’t accuse my baby of pooping, it could be yours” then the other mom says “OHMYGOD, it’s definitely Henry!!” I take a closer look and Henry’s gray curdoroy pants are now a darkish brown colour. It was disgusting. He kept trying to get away from me as well, crawling around this one mom with his dirty pants and laughing like crazy. I finally got him and pinned him down on our travel change mat. I didn’t have any bags to put his clothes in but thankfully one of the moms gave me one. I was totally not prepared for this at all. Thinking “well it’s only a 30 minute class, I shouldn’t have to bring a ton of stuff”.

Thankfully I had a pyjama in my diaper bag that I could change him in. I used up my entire wipes container cleaning him up, then changed his diaper he rolls away afterwards as I’m pulling out his pjs and as he’s starting to crawl, I hear it again and bam… another diaper gone. I look in my diaper bag and am down to one diaper. I kind of panicked a little. I have these hand and face wipes that I had to use up all to clean him again, slapped on the new diaper, the pjs, his snowsuit and basically sped home praying that he wouldn’t do it again. He was out cold when I got home so I put him down and quickly stocked up the diaper bag to the max hoping this never happens again.

Well at least now Nicole will always remember Henry.

Anything for a laugh mom... that's the comedian code!


Bottomless Pit January 26, 2012

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Henry has a crazy appetite. Very crazy. In the past few weeks I can barely a meal to myself. I always have to share with him what I’m eating or he freaks out. He also gets angry if I try to take the last bite of my own meal.  I used to share my breakfast with him but today I decided I’d make him his own buttered toast and cut it up into pieces and made myself two slices of toast with peanut butter thinking that I’d have time to eat all of mine before he even cleared half of his. Well I was totally wrong. He grabbed a bunch of the little pieces and shoved them all in his mouth. Before I was halfway done my first slice, he was done with his. He’s at this stage where he will put so much food in his mouth that he kind of chokes on it. Anyone have any tips for that? I can’t get him to eat one piece at a time.

Anyways, I feel like I’m always giving him food. He wakes up, has breakfast then an hour later I give him a small fruit snack or a cereal bar then he has lunch around 11:30-12:00, goes down for a nap, wakes up and has another snack (a large one!) and then around 4:45-5:00 I give him dinner. He had 4 tablespoons of Jambalaya last night. I just don’t know where it all goes. On top of that I’m still nursing him about 3-4 times a day and he drinks water all the time and the occasional shot glass of whole milk.

Anyone else have a bottomless pit? What are you feeding your baby? Maybe I need to be giving him something a bit more filling?

Watch me shove all of these down my throat in less than 10 seconds


Is that edible?


This wood fruit seems filling.


Tick Tock January 23, 2012

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Well, I’m back at work in 3 weeks time. Less than a month. I’m pretty anxious about it. One perk was that I thought I was going back to work for a manager I really like but found out today he’ll be somewhere else now. Bummer. In 3 weeks time I have so much crap to do I feel like I need longer in order to do it all. Some of the stuff I need to do

1- Finish the baby classes I’m signed up for, meaning I have one more music class and am trying to squeeze in a few fitness classes with Fitmom before that time.

2- Buy non nursing bras for work. I’m actually pretty excited about this. I will soon no longer have the occasional “quadruple boob effect” that nursing bras often cause. I know I should wait until all the breastmilk is gone since I’ll probably have to buy another one a few months from now but I really want one now.

3- Buy work clothes. None of my former work clothes fit me anymore so I need pretty much everything new. The clothes that I’ve been wearing for pretty much a year are not suitable for work. It would be great if I could go shopping for it without Henry as well since it would give me more time to try on things instead of frantically pulling on pants and quickly glimpsing in the change room mirror while pushing a stroller back and forth to appease the baby sitting in it.

4- HAIR! Yeah, I need to get some kind of ready for work hairstyle.  Hoping my hairstylist can figure out something with the little hairs that are growing back around my hairline from where I lost it all after childbirth. It kind of just stands up straight right now.

5- Planning Henry’s birthday party. I went out today and bought all the stuff I need for his party. We’re having our immediate families over on the 5th of February. Our immediate families tally up to 25 people and I’m getting pretty excited about decorating and cooking for Henry. He won’t remember it but I hope our families do!

6- Figure out all my paperwork for going back to work. I have to make a few calls to Service Canada, my HR, my boss (or I guess my new boss now).

7- Daycare integration hoping that Henry can be cool about the whole transition.

8- Love the crap out of Henry. Actually this one should be number one but I didn’t want to sound too corny. I’m hoping he’ll be walking before he goes to daycare. He’s started getting up on his own without pulling himself on stuff so I’m assuming the next step will be actual steps.


I'm all smiles for you.


chugging down Daddy's OJ.


This stuff is delicious!


This is my beatnik poet look






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So I’ve been stalling on writing another post. I have a few in my mind that I’m mulling over however every time I have a free moment these days I run back to the books I’m reading. What are those books you ask? Well, at Christmas I decided to start reading the George R R Martin series “A Song of Ice and Fire” or as most call it “the Game of Thrones series”. Holy crap those books are addictive….and long. Chris and I watched the HBO series (which is based on the first book) and after I decided I wouldn’t mind reading it (Ross, if you’re reading this, I know that you tried to get me to read these years ago, sorry I didn’t listen). Anyways, I’m almost done the second book now and really want to read the third book but I have another book to read for book club… oh and there’s that little thing about me going back to work in 3 week…

Anyways, I promise to have a real blog post soon. Like later today or tomorrow soon. Promise…Unless something happens in King’s Landing or Winterfell and I need to find out immediately.

I'm just waiting patiently here to wow you guys... just gotta get mom to get her act in gear.


Rage de Dents January 19, 2012

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Henry has gone completely insane with teething. He will be acting normally then something will take over and he’ll lunge at me trying to bite me. It’s like trying to fend off a zombie.  His cheeks are all crusty and red and he starts randomly crying and shrieking.  Nighttime is the worst. At first I thought it was him adjusting back to this time zone but it’s been almost a week since we’re home and every night he just loses it and cries for 3 hours straight at night. He ends up passing out from just screaming. I put his teething necklace on this afternoon which seemed to help but we don’t want him wearing a necklace while trying to sleep. I also bought him this weird soother that splits in two so that it touches where his molars should be growing. He seems to enjoy chewing on that thing but again, at night he gets so far gone in his fits that he just wants to scream.

I'm in a terrible mood


this is helping a little....


Home Again January 17, 2012

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Well we had a great trip to San Diego, minus Henry’s illness that seemed to stick around until about halfway through the trip. I thought I’d do a bit of a photo dump for this post to show you what we were up to. I forgot to blog that while we were there, Henry turned 11 months old. One moth shy of a year. How fast it’s gone by. It’s incredible.

Anywho, without further ado, here are some of our San Diego memories!

Mom, I don't feel so good...


Hanging on to dad as we make our way around the zoo via bus. Notice the snot? Chris was covered with it by the end of the day.


At the zoo


Henry seeing his first animal.


Otis the Hippo


African elephant


Koala's are totally not graceful. They kept looking like they were going to fall off their branches


This giraffe kept looking at us like it wanted us to do something for it.


I love meerkats! It kept posing for me.


The Ourangoutans were my favourite. They were so entertaining.




Torrey Pines nature reserve






still feeling sick


checking out the tide pools at the beach




Balboa Park




the Ferrari parked on our street, Chris kept drooling over it.



La Jolla Cave




barefoot in the sand



Sunset at La Jolla


Simba, this shall all be yours


I'm Flying!


Waiting for our plane home