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Hacked Blog December 27, 2011

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Hello Everyone,

I have decided to hack Melinas’ blog in order to tell you all about Henrys’ visit to the RCMP.  For those of you who aren’t in the public service the last workday before Christmas isn’t much of a workday.  Unless there is an emergency, we spend the morning socializing and lots of parents bring their kids into work.  I decided to bring Henry in so I could show him off to all my coworkers and so Melina could have a complete morning to herself to relax and maybe finish up any last minute Christmas tasks.  As it turns out Melina was all prepared for Christmas and took the relaxing idea seriously.  She spent the morning at the spa getting a massage.

Henry was in fine spirits when we arrived.  Our first stop was the loading dock where Henry was immediately spoiled with a gift from Ralph.  He got a toy dog on wheels that zooms off when you push it down.  We then went up to Records where he was passed around.  After a short break for Henrys’ breakfast we then visited the Mail Room and Wireless.  Everyone was excited to see him and he spent more time in other peoples arms than mine.  Everyone was amazed and remarked how he doesn’t fuss or make strange.  In fact Henry seems happiest when he is in a  social situation.  I guess he is a party animal at heart.

Sooner or later all party animals crash and Henry was no different.  He started getting tired so we said our goodbyes and left via the loading dock.  Henry was so tired that he almost fell asleep in Ralph’s arms while I got my jacket on and pulled out Henry’s winter gear.  He then slept the whole way home.  Upon getting home he woke up and started to freak out.  He was too hungry to go back to sleep but her was also too sleepy to eat.  Luckily  Melina then arrived home and nursed him.  He then managed to get back asleep for a nice two hour nap.

All in all it was a great day.  I love getting to spending one on one time with Henry.

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a great New Year.  And in keeping with the theme of the blog here are some photos from the holidays.

Henry playing with his toy from Ralph

Us spending Christmas Eve morning at Bruce pit

Ginger crazy excited to be at Bruce Pit

Henry was pretty excited too

Looks like Henry was on Santa's nice list

This gift is AWESOME

Wow look at all the cool stuff I got.


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