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Packing List December 22, 2011

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In just two short weeks we’ll be heading out to San Diego with Chris’ family for 8 days of fun. For those who know me, I can be a bit obsessive sometimes, especially right before traveling. I’ll make lists of for everything. Packing, things to visit, things I’d like to purchase, etc.  I’ll work on these weeks ahead of time and revise the lists constantly. There’s just something about list writing that I love. I’m totally my mother’s child, she carries a notebook around all the time and write everything in it. I’m pretty close to doing the same.

Anyways, making a packing list for Henry has been fun/stressful. The last time I stressed so much about a packing list was when I was getting ready to live in Haiti for a month. We can’t just pack our car full of stuff this time since we’re traveling by plane so we have to be strategic. Chris keeps reminding me that we’re not going to a third world country and that if we’re missing anything, we can probably pick it up at the local walmart or something but I like to be prepared. Luckily for us, the place we’re staying at comes with a playpen and a high chair so we don’t have to pack those.

Anywho, without further ado, here’s my packing list for Henry so far. I’d love to know what you pack for your baby when you’re traveling. Also, for those who have traveled with babies on a plane, what did you pack?

Henry’s list

– Diapers (Chris says we just need to bring a few and we can pick up more there. I don’t know why I stress about possibly not having enough).

– wipes and bum cream

– First aid kit (including Baby Tylenol, Baby Advil, thermometer, nail clippers, band aids, snot sucker thingy, some saline solution, teething stuff)

– toiletries (baby shampoo, baby soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, eczema cream, sun screen).

– sun hat


-umbrella stroller for day trips to the zoo or Legoland.

– baby carrier (in case the stroller thing doesn’t work out)

– bed sheet (I read that babies sleep better away from home if they have their sheets on the new bed)

-sound machine

-baby monitor

-food stuff (sippy cup, spoons, bibs, snacks for the plane, food for the plane)

– sleep sack

-light blanket (if it’s too warm for the sleep sack)

– towel and facecloths

-nursing cover

– short sleeve onesies

-long sleeve onesies (who knows what the temp will be like)

-few t-shirts



-socks/baby legs

– sweaters (in case it cold)

-bathing suit (there’s a children’s pool nearby)


– soother + clip

– Toys (this is where we’re skimping a bit, mainly bringing things to entertain Henry on the plane such as his favourite ball, his stacking cups, rattle, bath book and his ugly dog for sleeping).

Anyways, that’s pretty much it. I’m convinced I’m missing something so if you see anything obviously missing, let me know.


Thanks for obsessing like this over me mom.


check out my cool side carry of my sippy cup. Pretty Gansta eh?






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