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Self Weaning December 21, 2011

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In the past week, Henry’s kind of cut back on nursing and focusing more on food. He’s down to nursing 3 to 4 times a day. A HUGE difference from when he was younger and it was 10 to 12 times a day. I’m both happy and sad about the whole thing. I’m happy that I can do more things without having to worry about finding a place to nurse. No more timing everything down to the minute. I’m also happy that I no longer have to nurse him to get him to go to sleep, for the night and for naps.

On the other hand, I’m sad that my little guy is growing up and doesn’t need me as much. I know he’ll always need me, but there’s such an intense connection that builds from nursing and I worry about losing that.  I plan on nursing Henry until he’s 12 months old but by then, it will probably be a twice a day thing, such as morning and night so as to get him ready for daycare (where my boobs won’t be so readily available!). That’s all I’ll say about daycare for now since the subject sends me into panic attacks. I actually find myself playing the lottery every few weeks in hopes of wining and not having to go back to work (I used to play maybe 5-6 times a year).

Anyways, back to the weaning. Henry’s become quite the good little eater and seems to rather eat our food than his own. Yesterday I made a bunch of mushroom rolls to bring to my mom’s place on Christmas Eve and Henry ate a bunch of the filling.

This stuff is delicious! I can see why Aunty Gill loves them!


This morning I tried getting a pic of Henry’s tooth and finally got it. You kind of have to zoom in to see, but it’s there.

I could only get a shot while he was putting a puff in his mouth. Click on the pic and then you can see better.


I thought I’d add some more recent pics of Henry since I’ve been kind of slacking off a bit with the blog.

trying to break into the diaper bag.


Ginger being a creepy stalker


Messing with Ginger's dog bowl= new favourite pastime



chatting wisuth me about his morning.


Right now we’re watching Home Alone together and he’s laughing hard as the burglars get their butts kicked.Especially when “Marv” gets the tarantula put on his face and screams really loud. I’ve had to rewind it a few times for him.

Finally, I’ve been thinking of what kind of traditions i’d like to celebrate with Henry on Christmas and one of them is doing an advent calendar, so when I came across this at Home Outfitters at 50% off, I couldn’t resist!

all made of wood and you can put little chocolates in each box.



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  1. Stephanie Says:

    AHHAHAHAHAHAHA I love the picture with Ginger!!

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