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Hubba Hubba Hubby! December 19, 2011

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Today is Chris’ 33rd birthday! (For some reason when I typed this, I pictured Bilbo Baggins when he says “today is my eleventy first birthday!”, yep, total nerd!)

We had a weekend of celebrations where Chris got spoiled and then spoiled some more. Today he’s taking Henry to music class. I told him that if he tells Nicole that it’s his birthday, she may sing Happy Birthday to him but I think he’s too shy to say anything (Ps: Chris has a huge musical crush on Henry’s music teacher).

I thought it might be fun to put a few pics of Chris over the years like I do for Henry’s monthly anniversaries (it’s kind of a picture dump but once I started going down memory lane with these picture folders, it was hard to just choose a few). I don’t have any on the computer that go back 9 years but I have a few from over time that I can put in here. So here’s to my hubby, my best friend, great daddy,  spider catcher, high objects getter, snarky commentator, Christmas light putter upper, constantly laid back charmer!

The blue hair first got my attention during a summer class at Carleton. This is Chris after cutting down our first Christmas tree.


At my 23rd birthday party


Smoking a cigar on our balcony in Varadero in 2006, where Chris proposed


Doing catalogue poses with his new suit in 2006


at our first Christmas party in our new home.


On our wedding day in 2007


Drinking Guinness on our honeymoon in Ireland.


Spooked out in a Salem Cemetary on Halloween 2008


Enjoying a Mojito in Cuba in 2009, our second time there.


Enjoying the sunset in Carmel by the sea in 2009


A little sleepy on our second day in Krakow, Poland in 2010


Chilling out by a fountain in Warsaw 2010


Enjoying a beer in Postdam, 2010


Enjoying a bigger beer in Munich, 2010


Spending some quality time with Henry on his birth day. February 7, 2011


Easter 2011 on daddy's shoulders.


Lazy summer morning


My two favourite guys... sorry Atticus.




3 Responses to “Hubba Hubba Hubby!”

  1. April Says:

    Did he propose with that cigar in his mouth? 🙂 Happy Birthday Chris!!

  2. Kelly Says:

    Great photos!

  3. grand-maman Says:

    Yeah the blue hair also got my attention the first time I met Chris! Love U Chris. Bonne fete

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