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Picasso December 17, 2011

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We did finger painting on Thursday at Baby Sensory. I thought Henry would love it but he wasn’t feeling it. I kind of had to force his hand into the paint and then spread it around on paper. He didn’t really want to do it and kept wanting to climb me instead but since he was covered in paint and I didn’t have a change of clothing, that wasn’t going to happen. He did make some cute Christmas crafts though with his handprint and then footprints.


Mama, let me climb you...


Washing up


Christmas crafts. We added little red pompoms at the heel of the footprints to make little feet holly.


After Baby Sensory I braved Westboro (why is there always a traffic jam there?) to go to Kiddie Kobbler to get some proper shoes for Henry. He seems to want to walk and with us traveling to San Diego in January, I wanted to get him a good pair that won’t hinder his feet too much. I knew kids shoes were expensive but DAMN!


Almost $70 bucks later


Henry doesn’t seem to really like his shoes. He’s kind of regressed a bit and drags himself around on his stomach as if he doesn’t know how to use his feet anymore. I think he’s protesting the fact that we got him shoes.

I HATE THESE!!! (don't mind the water stain going all the way down Henry's shirt)


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