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Christmas Trial Run December 17, 2011

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Henry had a small Christmas gift exchange with his buddy Luis on Wednesday. Both of them loved the tissue paper and wrapping paper. The actual gifts were a distant second in their books. Sandra has a Christmas tree up in her basement and when we went down there, Henry made a beeline for it and took down a Christmas ornament within seconds. And when I say  “took down” I mean “ripped off it’s hanger”.  It kind of makes me happy with my decision of doing the tabletop tree this year.


The name of the game is "rip apart as much as possible"....GO!



Luis' side game was "how much of this can I eat before mom stops me"


Winter 2012 trend alert: tissue paper as a scarf will be the IT thing to wear for babies.




The game turned into a dogpile. For some reason, whenever Henry and Luis get together, this happens.


Henry playing with the bath book that we gave Luis.


Luis playing with the book he got for Henry


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