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All I Want For Christmas Is My Bottom Front Tooth December 11, 2011

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Yep, Henry FINALLY has a tooth. I was starting to get worried that he’d never have any. That we’d be pureeing his school lunch for him. On Friday night he started doing this weird thing with his tongue where he would roll it around in his mouth. I figured it was just another one of Henry’s quirks. Saturday morning I was tickling him and he opened his mouth wide and there it was. This tiny little white thing on his bottom gums. He’s protecting that thing with his life. He’s altered the way he smiles so that we don’t see it. Chris had to wrestle him a bit just to get a look at it. So if you’re hoping for a picture of a toothy grin, it’s not going to happen for a while.


My new half smile


We’ve had a pretty busy weekend. I find since we’ve had a kid, our weekends are much busier. I remember before when we’d sometimes just spend the entire weekend chilling out at home doing nothing. With a baby, the days get pretty long when you don’t go out.

Friday morning I had a somewhat high school reunion with a few friends from high school who are also on mat leave. We went to this child friendly cafe in Bells Corners and got to hang out while the babies played. Henry spent most of the time crawling around trying to break out of the play area although at one point he kind of dog piled on top of two of the girls, Delphine and Elodie. I think he was trying to be a smooth player and failed miserably. My dad came by Friday afternoon for his weekly visit with Henry (and me I guess 🙂 )  And Friday night I braved the crowds at the new Ikea. It was HUGE! I got super dizzy halfway through. I think some primitive part of me panicked a little and wanted to escape to get some fresh air.

Saturday morning Chris took Henry to swim classes and I went to my second pole dancing fitness class where I got these beauties on both arms:

I took this pic about an hour after class. The bruise just got darker and darker.


For those who think strippers don’t work for their money, they’re completely wrong. It’s one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken and requires a lot of upper body and ab strength. I’m loving it though. I think I’m going to sign up for full classes come January since right now I’m doing a Groupon type thing.

While Henry napped Saturday afternoon, Chris and I were outside with Chris practically on the roof installing a digital antenna. We haven’t had cable for about 2 years so now with this antenna, we get 11 free channels that look like they’re HD. It’s great! I love alternatives to spending money with major companies like Bell or Rogers.

Last night we went to the Barley Mow for dinner with our friends Brian and Caitlin then came back home and played Scene It on the Xbox.  I get uber competitive with that game. I’m obsessed with Pop Culture so I get upset when I don’t win things like this game. Luckily I won!! 🙂

Today there was a birthday party for my nephew Logan who’s turning 3 on the 13th. He’s a pretty cool kid and spent a long portion of the time hanging out with Chris and I just talking about random things. At one point he asked his dad if he could open “just one gift” and his dad Martin said “go ask your mom”, so Logan went off, then came back and said “she said yes” and proceeded to rip open a gift only to have my sister Steph come running saying “What’s going on here? I didn’t say yes!” He’s such a trickster!

You can see the mischief in his eyes.


and now a few more pics of what Henry’s been up to this weekend.

Look, I can play the piano without my booster seat!


Helping his mom with crafting by holding her tape measurer.


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