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The Hunt…..Is On December 8, 2011

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So today, this happened


Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum...I smell an Orange Tabby on the run


Henry was on the hunt for a certain fluffy cat.

cue "Jaws theme" as we view a pic from the cat's perspective

After chasing Purrl for a few minutes, she made a fatal mistake.

Drats! I've painted myself into a corner!


Just as Purrl was about resort to removing the cyanide tab hidden in her fake tooth, Chris opened the other side of the closet and let her out. Purrl gave one backwards glance to Henry as if she were saying “this ain’t over” and took off.

Purrl’s going to have to learn to “go with it” like Atticus has. Every morning Henry will climb all over Atticus and give him a few bear hugs and then moves on, leaving Atticus behind.

Meh...doing something about this would require me getting up




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