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Talk the Talk December 6, 2011

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On Sunday after our hell night, Henry felt the need to make up for it. He was playing with his toys, stopped, looked right at me and said “Mama!” and then got a bit smile on his face. I was so happy, I clapped and said “BRAVO!!!” which make him giggle. He’s been babbling for a while saying mama and dada however this was the first time he seemed to say it with intention.

He’s said it a few times since then. Last night he was saying Allo Mama! And would yell “Encore” (well it sounded more like ENKO!) when he wanted more food. I’m so proud of my little guy, I feel I can actually see the little wheels turning in his head as he starts making the connection of objects and words. I’m so excited about communicating with him.

Check out my sweet standing skills mama!


Henry getting a "good job" pat from Chris for speaking so well.


The shirt says "Dad + Mom = Me" although Chris said it would be funnier if it said "Dad + Mom + Poor Planning = Me" or "Dad + Mom + lots of booze = Me"


Henry getting his first taste of of a Christmas orange (I call them that mostly to drive Chris nuts who insists on calling them clementines)


Spacing out this morning while looking out the window. Just like his mama used to do.


Oh and I bought our tabletop Christmas tree yesterday. It’s not fully decorated yet, just has a garland and a star on top. I think it’s pretty cute! Got it at Sobeys. Is there anything they don’t have there?


One Response to “Talk the Talk”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    OH MY GOD.
    His space out face = your space out face. To the T!

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