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A New Champ December 4, 2011

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I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had had the worst night ever with Henry, well last night became the new winner. It was terrible. Henry has a bit of a cold (yep, the same kid who had a flu last week has a cold this week). We put him down around 7pm and for a few hours he would sleep then scream/cry and then sleep again. He would always fall back asleep on his own until around 10:30 when he took things to a new level. He just screamed and screamed like he was in serious pain. I went to get him, rocked him, nursed him, used that snot sucker thing and gave him some advil. He went back to sleep around midnight and I thought the advil would help with whatever pain he was feeling. Well I was wrong. He went into this cycle where he would sleep for 45 minutes then wake up wailing again, this high pitched shriek and it would take about an hour to get him back down. This happened all night long. Chris and I would switch going to take care of him so the other could sleep however it’s hard sleeping when you hear your super angry baby just losing it in the other room so neither of us got much sleep.

I felt I could have dealt with this more easily when he was younger and not sleeping through the nights yet but he had been doing so for almost 2 months making this morning very very difficult.


Why am I so tired today?


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