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Best Baby Sensory December 1, 2011

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We had the best baby sensory class today. It was the “water” class. We were told to bring an extra change of clothes for the babies but they should have advised to bring an extra set for the moms as well. Each baby was given a large bowl of warm water to splash in. Henry tipped the bowl over right away spilling it on both of us. There was enough left in it for him to sit in it and splash around as well.  He got quickly bored with that and tried to steal other babies water.

This is interesting


I don't know why you put me in here, it's kind of small.


I guess I can splash around in this


Warren, I'm going to steal this from you ok?


After the water, we did other water related games. The neatest was a kind of “under the sea” environment. The instructor Allie had shower curtains sewn together and then sewed some glittery streamers and hanging fish from in. We held it up and let the babies explore underneath. There was also a cool little strobe light that the babies gravitated towards.

I want to rip all of these down


Henry making a beeline for the strobe light


Henry did manage to rip a few off the curtain and then tried to eat it.



Henry was so overstimulated by the whole experience that he had a bit of a meltdown at the end of the class. He was so tired that he was out cold by the time I got to our car. I love how Baby Sensory leads to super long naps.


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