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Santa Claus Parade November 28, 2011

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On Saturday, Henry was feeling much better so we decided to join Marty and Josie at the Carleton Place Santa Claus Parade. We got there at 5pm and the parade was so long that we left at 6:45. I enjoyed the parade but at the same time couldn’t believe how commercial these parades are. As a kid, the Santa Claus parade was awesome, as an adult I felt all jaded seeing all these businesses stringing a few lights on their truck to advertise their business. Josie made out like a bandit though with all the free candy she got. They weren’t giving out as much candy to the adults although one business “Reid’s Dairy” was giving out free cartons of chocolate milk and I was all over that.  I thought it was pretty clever that they were giving their product instead of little candy canes or lollipops. Many of my pics are crappy due to the lighting…Can someone explain why they moved parades from 10am to 5pm?

Getting ready for the parade


The lit up main street


Josie getting excitedfor the race


Police starting the parade


Henry not sure what's happening


OHMYGOD It's Lil' Sebastien! (for those 5 Parks and Rec fans out there)


Almonte dance troupe. They had to have a lot of stamina dancing for almost two hours straight.


Bet this high school musician never thought he'd become blog famous!


Dad's having a good time


These were creepy dancing elves. I know the pic isn't great but they were pretty scary looking.


I was pretending to take a pic of Chris here when in fact I was taking a pic of the lady behind him who had her dog in a baby carrier. That made my night.


Our fleeting glimpse of Santa after waiting almost 2 hours for him he blew right by us. Couldn't get a great shot.


So it sounds like I’m bitter about the parade but I actually really enjoyed myself. I just wish it had been a little shorter.




2 Responses to “Santa Claus Parade”

  1. Susan Says:

    Was it an Ergo carrier? 🙂

    The parades are always WAY too long for the amount of cold you need to endure!

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