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Housebound and Down November 23, 2011

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Today we were stuck at home for the day with all the snow. We don’t have our winter tires on yet (we have an appointment next Tuesday) and it’s very unwise to drive in the snow with the summer tires. Anyways, even if it had  been nice out today we would have been stuck at home regardless since Henry is sick. He woke up a little warm and after taking his temperature, my fears were confirmed, the little guy had a fever. The fever didn’t stop him from getting excited about the snow.  Although it’s technically not his first snowfall, it is the first time he was somewhat aware of it. He thought it was pretty neat.

What is that stuff?


The view outside our kitchen window


How come you get to hang out there and I'm stuck here like a sucker!


Did you see it Atti? Eh? Did you see it?


This stuff is AMAZING!

Once Henry got over the novelty of the snow, Henry let the fever take over and turned into Mr. Cranky Pants. I felt bad he was sick but at the same time he was pretty cuddly with me which was nice. I tried to make the best of our time indoors and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  I’m hoping to give some to my neighbour Pam who always bakes us some muffins.

so gooey


My cooking didn’t stop there. Chris’ mom sent us a link to this great recipe website called The Hungry Mouse, we decided to make the Roasted Garlic and Spinach Pizza from the website for our dinner. It did not disappoint.

the whole house smells like garlic


Even better cooked


Henry went down for the night around 6pm, he was just exhausted. I gave him a bit of Advil for the night, hopefully it helps him sleep better tonight.



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