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My Little Olympian November 22, 2011

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One of our baby shower gifts was a Canada track suit from the Bay that I guess was originally created for the Olympics. It finally fits Henry just in time for him to show off his Olympic talent. He gets a gold medal in standing.

Yeah I train about 7 hours a day (these are actually the first pics we caught of him standing on his own)

check me out

Even us athletes need to take a break now and then

For some reason, Henry’s hair has become super pouffy (I know that’s not technically a word but that’s what describes it best). It kind of holds up about an inch off his head. I think it might be time for a *gulp* haircut.

don't you dare touch my hair.


One Response to “My Little Olympian”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    If we don’t cut Logy’s hair, he gets the Kate Gosselin look and that look is not pretty on anyone! LOL!

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