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Genetic Engineering November 21, 2011

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I think while I was pregnant, Purrl and Ginger did a bit of genetic splicing while I was sleeping and incorporated a bit of their DNA with Henry’s. He takes after them a lot. He always wants to go outside. He squeaks when he sees animals outside. Today he was imitating Ginger when she was barking. He also is very crafty, just like Purrl and I seem to be able to get his attention if I shake some treats (aka cheerios) at him.

They’ve formed a bit of a gang and have left Atticus out (or he chooses to be left out). In the morning they tend to chill out by the back door and I somewhat feel like they’re conspiring against us.

Is she looking at us? Act cool, pretend we're looking outside.


What? What are you looking at?


Fine, I don't even want to hang out with you guys, so there!


Again, I'm doing nothing but standing here, minding my own business


Oh, hey there... Have you been here the whole time?


Henry's honour guard


I think I should whisper our next move in your ear... Mom's listening in.


We had a pretty good weekend. Swimming and a bit of shopping on Saturday and yesterday we drove out near Perth to visit with our friends Amy and Kevin and their two boys Carson and Ashton. Henry went nuts for all the toys they had. They have this mini exercise trampoline that is the perfect height for Henry. We’d put toys on it and he’d kind of shuffle around it in circles. Meanwhile I made a new boyfriend with Ashton. The second we got there he came out and insisted I hold his hands and play with him. He was giving hugs and trying to cop a feel a few times as well. He’s quite the lady’s man. Ashton would do this high pitched scream from time to time that I guess Henry found awesome since he’s started imitating it today. He’ll go into these super high squeals and they just get higher and higher and louder. Thanks Ashton! :-p





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