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What Do Magicians And Mommies Have In Common? November 19, 2011

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They’re both masters of the art of distraction. I find 70% of my time with Henry these days is distracting him from touching(poking, tugging, pulling, hitting, etc) things that could kill him. He’ll make a beeline for electrical outlets (he’s figured out how to remove the child safety plugs) and I’ll violently shake a rattle to get his attention. I feel like I’m always saying “Henry, NON!”. The other day while getting ready to go to the doctors, I was putting on my shoes while Henry crawled around. He crawled super quickly to this little table thing that we have that holds Ginger’s food and water dish. Well within seconds he had pulled the water dish out of its hole, lifted it up and flipped it spilling water all over the floor and himself. I didn’t have enough time to get up and stop him so I could only yell, “NOOOOO!!!!” as I watched it unfold in slow motion.

What can I pull out of this coffee table that's breakable? Oh you took out all the fragile stuff? Ok, I'm going to rip up some magazines then.


Let's try and get tetanus by dragging my fingers up and down this vent thingy...


Ooohh, these look interesting.


contemplating.... what else could I try and get into?


How sturdy is this gate? I'm going to test each part for possible weaknesses, just like those velociraptors did in Jurassic Park. Got to admire their never give up attitude.


I betcha I can put some interesting things in there.


So is this a baby thing in general or a boy thing or a Henry thing?




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