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Family Swim Day November 19, 2011

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Today was family swim day at the Kanata Leisure Center. Meaning parents could bring family members and take as many pictures (of their own kid) as they wanted. The place was crawling with grandparents and every few seconds you’d see a flash go off. I had completely forgotten it was family day until Chris reminded me this morning, so I brought my camera and off we went.

Safety first if you're going in the deep end.


Hey Mama, are you sure you're allowed to take pics?


Going down the slide for the first time


I'm floating on my tummy like a big boy!


Trying to get away from the flash photography by hiding under the fountain


Oh no, daddy's secretly working with mom for these photos. Et tu daddy? Et tu?


Nothing takes the edge off after a long swim lesson like eating floating foam puzzle pieces


Trying to convince Henry to crawl in the water by pushing his puzzle piece just out of arms reach


crawled to the edge of the pool to grab a ball instead


I feel like I got my money’s worth of pictures today, no longer need to take secret grainy spy looking pics of Henry’s swim lessons.


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