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Christmas Cards November 19, 2011

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On Thursday I attempted to take a few pics of Henry to make a Christmas card that we could send out to friends and family. I never thought taking a staged photo would be so difficult. It took almost 2 hours and I took about 300 picture and got about 4-5 decent ones. I was getting so frustrated with Henry but had to keep reminding myself “He’s just a baby, he’s not ripping down the backdrop to piss you off, he’s doing it because he’s curious”. At one point Purrl came down and sat perfectly still by the backdrop almost to rub it in my face that she can do it and Henry can’t (At this point, Henry had crawled away with garland wrapped around him and was trying to climb the gate to go upstairs). To calm down a bit, I decided to make a collage of the failed photo session.

Bah Humbug!


Not to make this whole thing pointless, here are a few of the good shots. Oh and the Purrl shot.


Why are we doing this?


This is Henry in the process of ripping the hat off


Trying to distract Henry from completely destroying the set by shaking his water bottle up above me


He thought it was funny for about 5 seconds then demanded I hand him his water


Had to give in to avoid a complete meltdown


Tried to use garland thinking he'd be so distracted by this that he wouldn't be tempted to crawl away. He ended up wrapping it around his neck and trying to strangle himself. Message received loud and clear Henry!


This isn't so hard. Take a shot of my good side.


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