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Mornings November 16, 2011

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Now that Henry sleeps through the night (pause as I knock on wood), I find myself enjoying our mornings together so much more.  He usually goes down for the night between 6:30 and 7:00pm then wakes up around 5am for a quick feed then back to sleep until 7am. We then kind of hang out in bed together playing. He loves climbing up our headboard and looking behind it. He’ll often whisper “dada?” like he’s looking for Chris behind there. It’s also the time of day where I get most kisses from him. He’ll just attack my face with his open mouth and drool all over me. It’s kind of gross but I love it.

We then mosey on down to the kitchen and I let him play while I prepare our breakfast and we listen to the Bob FM morning show.

I'm gonna rock out while you get my breakfast ready mom


We then sit down in the dining room and have our breakfast together. Often with Ginger hanging around hoping for food to drop from Henry’s hands or tray. She’s rarely disappointed. Lately Henry’s been incredibly chatty during breakfast so it almost feels like we’re gossiping over a meal.

"Did you notice Atticus has put on a few pounds mom? He says it's a hibernation/winter thing but I think he's just letting himself go"


I’m trying to cherish these lazy mornings as much as I can. The return to work countdown clock has begun. I go back in less than 3 months and will really miss these moments.

I'm going to sneeze!!


He's so cute I want to bite him!


We had a 9 month check up yesterday and Henry weighs 19 lbs and 12oz, so basically almost 20lbs. He’s getting so big. He also measures 75 cm so he’s right on track to being tall like his daddy (or maybe taller!).


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