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Mama’s Boy November 14, 2011

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Henry has turned into a bit of a mama’s boy recently.  He cries for a bit whenever Chris picks him up and takes him away from me. Even when it’s just the two of us and I walk out the room for a bit, he starts to panic. I’m trying to not encourage it by continuing to walk away or not taking him back the second he starts crying. I’m hoping this phase doesn’t last too long.  It makes me feel bad for Chris and I keep telling him “don’t worry, at some point he’ll go through a daddy phase as well and I’ll be the one left out” but I don’t think that phase will happen for a few more years.

Mama's boy giving the cold shoulder to the photographer.


We’ve discovered the perfect distraction for Henry while we prepare dinner. Now that he refuses to be in his exersaucer and wants to crawl around everywhere, it was tough getting things ready for a meal with one eye on a kid who seems to have a death wish. Enter: The Piano!

Mama, did you know that this thing here makes noise? Every single time I touch it!?!? It's AWESOME!!


He loves playing the piano. We strap him into his booster seat and start him at the high keys and then gradually we push him to the lower keys so he doesn’t get too bored with the same sound. Now I know this is probably wishful thinking on my behalf, but he seems to have an ear for music. I’ve heard him play complimenting keys as well as chords. Maybe he really is a mama’s boy. I love the piano!

Is this the right positioning?


Speaking of dinner, Chris made an amazing meal on Saturday night with our slow cooker.

Pulled Pork Anyone?


We had a great long weekend. I did some running and I have something to ask my fellow runners out there (WARNING, some TMI is coming your way). Every time I run, I feel like I have to pee. It doesn’t matter if I use the washroom before I leave the house, I inevitably get this huge pressure in my bladder. It’s maddening. It only happens during the run parts, not the walk ones but I’m quickly running out of walk parts. I keep having to mentally scold myself saying “hold it, hold it!” as well as “you’re 30 year old Melina, you cannot pee in your pants even if it is in the name of fitness!!!” Does anyone have any tips? Like is there a better time of day to go running? I try and go in the morning, maybe I should go in the afternoon? Could this be a latent result of childbirth that I wasn’t aware of since I never ran before? It’s totally killing my form. Have you ever seen someone running while simultaneously trying to keep their legs crossed? It’s not a pretty sight.



3 Responses to “Mama’s Boy”

  1. Whistlepea Says:

    K goes through these separation anxiety phases all the time. She’s in one right now and it’s driving me bonkers. It’s one of those things that I’ll look in up in a book and she’s be right on time for.

    I had a mild feeling like I had to pee too but it might be worse for you because of having had a regular birth. I would just try not to drink too much beforehand and try to pee right before I went. I ran on a treadmill so it was easier for me to pee if I really felt like I had too, though.

    Now you know why I abruptly quit the program. The first trimester was not so conducive to getting past week seven.

  2. I had a feeling but didn’t want to mention it! I remember when I asked about another baby last time we spoke, I felt I was being expertly deflected…

  3. Whistlepea Says:

    We had just found out and I felt like I did the worst job ever lying!

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