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Hungry Hungry Henry November 11, 2011

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Henry has been eating like crazy lately. He can’t get enough of solids. It started last week at a restaurant in Almonte. Henry had already eaten dinner at home before we went out. At the restaurant he was getting all fussy so Chris gave him a bit of his split pea soup. Well he gobbled it down and then we gave him some cut up banana and he ate all of that (then proceeded to break the bowl it was in). It’s been non stop ever since. He has to eat 3 meals a day now as well as snacks in between. I’m also still nursing him so he’s just taking it all. He’s not a huge baby though. He’s really tall and has massive feet but he swims in most of his sleepers and onesies around his belly. I think he just spends so much energy crawling around and getting into everything that he needs those extra calories to keep up with his energy level.  Even as I type this he’s going crazy jumping up and down in his exersaucer. I’m starting to think that I may have given birth to a *shudder* jock!

More more more!!


This is how I spend my days now


Using up more energy in baby sensory classes




One Response to “Hungry Hungry Henry”

  1. Martine Says:

    Peut-être qu’il est en poussé de croissance? Sinon, je suppose que c’est une affaire de gars comme je vis la même chose avec Connor. Je l’appele mon petit *Piglet* parce qu’il mange tout le temps et si jamais il nous voit manger, il crit pour en avoir aussi… meme s’il vient tout juste de sortir de table!!! Complètement fou!

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