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Santa Claus Parade November 28, 2011

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On Saturday, Henry was feeling much better so we decided to join Marty and Josie at the Carleton Place Santa Claus Parade. We got there at 5pm and the parade was so long that we left at 6:45. I enjoyed the parade but at the same time couldn’t believe how commercial these parades are. As a kid, the Santa Claus parade was awesome, as an adult I felt all jaded seeing all these businesses stringing a few lights on their truck to advertise their business. Josie made out like a bandit though with all the free candy she got. They weren’t giving out as much candy to the adults although one business “Reid’s Dairy” was giving out free cartons of chocolate milk and I was all over that.  I thought it was pretty clever that they were giving their product instead of little candy canes or lollipops. Many of my pics are crappy due to the lighting…Can someone explain why they moved parades from 10am to 5pm?

Getting ready for the parade


The lit up main street


Josie getting excitedfor the race


Police starting the parade


Henry not sure what's happening


OHMYGOD It's Lil' Sebastien! (for those 5 Parks and Rec fans out there)


Almonte dance troupe. They had to have a lot of stamina dancing for almost two hours straight.


Bet this high school musician never thought he'd become blog famous!


Dad's having a good time


These were creepy dancing elves. I know the pic isn't great but they were pretty scary looking.


I was pretending to take a pic of Chris here when in fact I was taking a pic of the lady behind him who had her dog in a baby carrier. That made my night.


Our fleeting glimpse of Santa after waiting almost 2 hours for him he blew right by us. Couldn't get a great shot.


So it sounds like I’m bitter about the parade but I actually really enjoyed myself. I just wish it had been a little shorter.




I Got A Fever And The Only Prescription Is More Tylenol November 24, 2011

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Poor little fellah is still sick. I feel so bad for him. He’s super warm and keeps whimpering. A combo of Tylenol and Advil seems to help a little but the only thing that will cure this baby is time.


I feel cruddy mom


I just want to lie here


Sick Henry makes Mommy sad


Housebound and Down November 23, 2011

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Today we were stuck at home for the day with all the snow. We don’t have our winter tires on yet (we have an appointment next Tuesday) and it’s very unwise to drive in the snow with the summer tires. Anyways, even if it had  been nice out today we would have been stuck at home regardless since Henry is sick. He woke up a little warm and after taking his temperature, my fears were confirmed, the little guy had a fever. The fever didn’t stop him from getting excited about the snow.  Although it’s technically not his first snowfall, it is the first time he was somewhat aware of it. He thought it was pretty neat.

What is that stuff?


The view outside our kitchen window


How come you get to hang out there and I'm stuck here like a sucker!


Did you see it Atti? Eh? Did you see it?


This stuff is AMAZING!

Once Henry got over the novelty of the snow, Henry let the fever take over and turned into Mr. Cranky Pants. I felt bad he was sick but at the same time he was pretty cuddly with me which was nice. I tried to make the best of our time indoors and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies.  I’m hoping to give some to my neighbour Pam who always bakes us some muffins.

so gooey


My cooking didn’t stop there. Chris’ mom sent us a link to this great recipe website called The Hungry Mouse, we decided to make the Roasted Garlic and Spinach Pizza from the website for our dinner. It did not disappoint.

the whole house smells like garlic


Even better cooked


Henry went down for the night around 6pm, he was just exhausted. I gave him a bit of Advil for the night, hopefully it helps him sleep better tonight.



My Little Olympian November 22, 2011

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One of our baby shower gifts was a Canada track suit from the Bay that I guess was originally created for the Olympics. It finally fits Henry just in time for him to show off his Olympic talent. He gets a gold medal in standing.

Yeah I train about 7 hours a day (these are actually the first pics we caught of him standing on his own)

check me out

Even us athletes need to take a break now and then

For some reason, Henry’s hair has become super pouffy (I know that’s not technically a word but that’s what describes it best). It kind of holds up about an inch off his head. I think it might be time for a *gulp* haircut.

don't you dare touch my hair.


Genetic Engineering November 21, 2011

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I think while I was pregnant, Purrl and Ginger did a bit of genetic splicing while I was sleeping and incorporated a bit of their DNA with Henry’s. He takes after them a lot. He always wants to go outside. He squeaks when he sees animals outside. Today he was imitating Ginger when she was barking. He also is very crafty, just like Purrl and I seem to be able to get his attention if I shake some treats (aka cheerios) at him.

They’ve formed a bit of a gang and have left Atticus out (or he chooses to be left out). In the morning they tend to chill out by the back door and I somewhat feel like they’re conspiring against us.

Is she looking at us? Act cool, pretend we're looking outside.


What? What are you looking at?


Fine, I don't even want to hang out with you guys, so there!


Again, I'm doing nothing but standing here, minding my own business


Oh, hey there... Have you been here the whole time?


Henry's honour guard


I think I should whisper our next move in your ear... Mom's listening in.


We had a pretty good weekend. Swimming and a bit of shopping on Saturday and yesterday we drove out near Perth to visit with our friends Amy and Kevin and their two boys Carson and Ashton. Henry went nuts for all the toys they had. They have this mini exercise trampoline that is the perfect height for Henry. We’d put toys on it and he’d kind of shuffle around it in circles. Meanwhile I made a new boyfriend with Ashton. The second we got there he came out and insisted I hold his hands and play with him. He was giving hugs and trying to cop a feel a few times as well. He’s quite the lady’s man. Ashton would do this high pitched scream from time to time that I guess Henry found awesome since he’s started imitating it today. He’ll go into these super high squeals and they just get higher and higher and louder. Thanks Ashton! :-p





What Do Magicians And Mommies Have In Common? November 19, 2011

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They’re both masters of the art of distraction. I find 70% of my time with Henry these days is distracting him from touching(poking, tugging, pulling, hitting, etc) things that could kill him. He’ll make a beeline for electrical outlets (he’s figured out how to remove the child safety plugs) and I’ll violently shake a rattle to get his attention. I feel like I’m always saying “Henry, NON!”. The other day while getting ready to go to the doctors, I was putting on my shoes while Henry crawled around. He crawled super quickly to this little table thing that we have that holds Ginger’s food and water dish. Well within seconds he had pulled the water dish out of its hole, lifted it up and flipped it spilling water all over the floor and himself. I didn’t have enough time to get up and stop him so I could only yell, “NOOOOO!!!!” as I watched it unfold in slow motion.

What can I pull out of this coffee table that's breakable? Oh you took out all the fragile stuff? Ok, I'm going to rip up some magazines then.


Let's try and get tetanus by dragging my fingers up and down this vent thingy...


Ooohh, these look interesting.


contemplating.... what else could I try and get into?


How sturdy is this gate? I'm going to test each part for possible weaknesses, just like those velociraptors did in Jurassic Park. Got to admire their never give up attitude.


I betcha I can put some interesting things in there.


So is this a baby thing in general or a boy thing or a Henry thing?




Christmas Cards

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On Thursday I attempted to take a few pics of Henry to make a Christmas card that we could send out to friends and family. I never thought taking a staged photo would be so difficult. It took almost 2 hours and I took about 300 picture and got about 4-5 decent ones. I was getting so frustrated with Henry but had to keep reminding myself “He’s just a baby, he’s not ripping down the backdrop to piss you off, he’s doing it because he’s curious”. At one point Purrl came down and sat perfectly still by the backdrop almost to rub it in my face that she can do it and Henry can’t (At this point, Henry had crawled away with garland wrapped around him and was trying to climb the gate to go upstairs). To calm down a bit, I decided to make a collage of the failed photo session.

Bah Humbug!


Not to make this whole thing pointless, here are a few of the good shots. Oh and the Purrl shot.


Why are we doing this?


This is Henry in the process of ripping the hat off


Trying to distract Henry from completely destroying the set by shaking his water bottle up above me


He thought it was funny for about 5 seconds then demanded I hand him his water


Had to give in to avoid a complete meltdown


Tried to use garland thinking he'd be so distracted by this that he wouldn't be tempted to crawl away. He ended up wrapping it around his neck and trying to strangle himself. Message received loud and clear Henry!


This isn't so hard. Take a shot of my good side.