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Halloween weekend October 31, 2011

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We went to a great party on Saturday night at our friends Mike and Vero’s house. We were there for a short time though since Henry tagged along. We realized that he’s getting old enough that we should think of getting a babysitter for nighttime parties, basically put him down then go out. I feel I can confidently say though that he had the cutest costume.

Princess Leia, Han Solo and their dog errr... ewok


LMFAO chose to party with us on Saturday


Amy Winehouse and 80's rocker


Arrrrr Matey


Dog the Bounty Hunter and his lovely wife Beth


Chris was responsible for taking pics since he had pockets to hold the camera, thus these are the only pics we have of the evening.

Yesterday we went to Almonte to celebrate my brother in-law George’s birthday. He had a blast (and by he, I mean George)




Henry showed off his Halloween costume again:

Sad puppy


Family photo!


Henry also got some nice souvenirs from Marty who just got back from Peru. This little number looks smashing on him:

Yeah, I look good.


Alright, I'll give you a smile, but only a half coy one...


When we got home yesterday, we had a special guest waiting for us on our porch. My friend Katrina has been making our pumpkin for the last three years and brought over this little gem:

Spooktacular! Can't wait to see this guy lit up!



2 Responses to “Halloween weekend”

  1. Kelly Says:

    You guys look amazing in your halloween costumes!

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