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I Got My Bear! October 26, 2011

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The subject line is something my niece Josie said often while on vacation in the Finger Lakes when carrying her stuffed teddy bear. The first time she said it, we all thought she said “I got my beer” but then realized she was talking about the bear. It was pretty cute. Anyways, I now have my bear as well.

Henry: ok mom, I'll wear this as long as you promise not to put it on the blog. Me:


This is actually an outfit that one of Chris’ dad’s secretaries got for us when Henry was born. It was for a 9 month old so we had completely forgotten about it until Chris found it the other day. It’s perfect for Henry when I go running since the hands have built in mitts. It’s super warm too so again, perfect!


Well if you're going to insist on taking my picture, at least get my good angle.


Happy Bear


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