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Fitness Progress Report October 25, 2011

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Thought I’d touch base to give a bit of a progress report on the whole running thing. So far so good. I finished week 2 on Monday and still feel good about it. I’m hoping to start week 3 tomorrow or Thursday depending on how my body feels tomorrow since I’m still doing my fitmom classes on Tuesdays.  I’ve been feeling pretty good about it all. I’m getting 4 workouts a week and feeling great. Week 3 is a little daunting since I will have to run 3 minutes in a row which is terrifying but I think I can do it. I mean the whole point of the program is to get to running for 25-30 minutes in a row so I couldn’t coast on running 90 seconds the whole time.

I’ve noticed a few physical changes since I started running. My pants are a lot looser which is awesome. Since giving birth I’ve gone down 3 pre-pregnancy pant sizes and I’m on the verge of going down again. I can’t seem to loose what I call my kangaroo pouch though. Henry managed to stretch that out completely. Hopefully if I keep doing planks and ab workouts I can tighten that area again (some day!).

As for my running partners, I’m getting a little fed up with one of them:

but I LOVE running with you!


Ginger is a very enthusiastic runner, a little too enthusiastic. She sometimes thinks it’s one giant game and will turn on me and jump at/on me while barking like crazy. Other time she runs right into the woods after some woodland creature and I have to yell at her to come back. The most annoying thing though is that she sometimes thinks we’re doing an honorary guard thing for Henry and his stroller and will trot in front of it which means that she often will get a stroller wheel in the butt when she slows down. She never learns either. Just keeps doing it.

I’m really enjoying my other running partner though. He just usually lies there and will either observe everything that’s happening or sleep peacefully. Couldn’t ask for more.

I don't understand it mom. I go out with you every time and my pants are getting smaller!!


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