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Drunk Baby October 23, 2011

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For some reason, almost all the pictures that I took today of Henry make him look wasted. I just couldn’t get a shot with both his eyes open. I guess I just sucked at photography today.

I had a rough night

Heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy good looking *hic* you come here often *hic*

no, no, I couldn't have one more drink.....ah, ok, just one.

We had a fairly expensive weekend. Yesterday Chris bought a new bicycle and I bought a fair bit of Christmas gifts at Tag Along Toys for Henry as well as for our niece and nephews (hey, everything was 20% off in the store). Today we went to Ikea in hopes of picking up some stuff to organize our front closet. Only problem is that Ikea is a bit “exclusive” in that we would need an Ikea Pax closet for Ikea accessories to fit in it. We decided to go to the Solution store in the Train Yards and custom made a front hall closet organization system. I’m so excited to get it. Our trip to Ikea wasn’t completely fruitless though since we fell in love with one of the kitchen demos and are thinking of getting solid oak countertops as well as changing all the hardware for our cupboards. Now I keep hearing the sound of cash registers going “Ka-CHING”.

Oh and I got some decent pics today.

Daddy making me laugh


stop daddy stop!!! Ok, don't stop!


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