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The Cow Says Moo October 22, 2011

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Yesterday Henry went to the Valleyview Little Animal Farm. Our friend Judy and her daughter Avery organized a playgroup type activity for the morning. We hadn’t expected there to be about a million school children but adapted pretty well to the situation. Henry had a lot of fun until he passed out during the Museum portion of the trip. I guess antique farm equipment isn’t his thing. He perked up a lot when I took him out of his stroller to take pumpkin pictures. It gave me an appreciation for professional photographers who work with babies. It was almost impossible to get focused pics of Henry and Avery, they were much more interested in the hay, flowers, pumpkins than smiling for their mommies who were going crazy trying to get their attention.

Check out my monster mitts. How cute are they?





Avery being all flirty


Henry looking at the camera all suspiciously. You can't see it here, but he's got his hand all tangled up in my hair and was pulling like crazy.


What the heck is that?


A Scottish Cow... or a Yak for Judy


Mom, that thing looks a lot like Ginger


Baby Scottish cow


Out cold


Llama in serious need of braces


what's this?


Henry giving his "Daniel Craig" steely gaze


Avery wanting to look everywhere but the camera


and a bunch more:

Hey there pretty lady, you come here often?


Check out this hay on the ground. Think we should eat it?


Psss... I have a crush on you



She prefers the flowers over me 😦




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