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Suffer For My Art October 16, 2011

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I went to a needle felting workshop yesterday with my mother in-law Pat in Almonte. I can’t quite remember the name of the shop but it was a two hour affair where we made Christmas ornaments. Our instructor is a hand animator who last movie was Princess and the Frog. She’s also an emmy winner for her work on Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego. Anyways, the way you needle felt is you have some unspun yarn that you shape and then stab repeatedly with a needle with grooves in it (you stab it onto a giant sponge). Anyways, I stabbed myself more than once but I really enjoyed the whole workshop. despite the bleeding fingers.  They have another one in January where she’s going to show how to needle felt a dragon. I’m somewhat interested in doing it but I’m also now wanting to participate in various artsy/crafty workshops so if anyone comes across one, let me know.

It took me a while to get the hang of it and you can see my ornaments somewhat improved as I made more. We made three snowmen, three santas and three penguins. I’m posting the pics of my better ones.




Henry decided last night that it would be fun to scream for two and a half hours straight. It seemed like he was in physical pain but I have no idea what was causing it. I can’t see any sign of teeth. I tried giving him Advil but that did nothing. I was u with him from 2 to 3 and Chris ended up staying up with him from 3:00 to 4:30 then he couldn’t get back to sleep. You could tell he was tired but he’d shriek every time we put him down.  All to say, Chris and Henry missed out on some awesome Dim Sum fun this afternoon. Our friends Ross, Selena and Declan are in town visiting from Senegal so we decided to get the whole gang together and eat and eat some more. Dim Sum is so delicious and so filling although I always find myself hungry later on. When I got home I found out that Henry slept for a total of 30 minutes and Chris got no sleep at all. Poor guys!

I refuse to sleep!


In other great news, I saw my friend Mathieu on Friday who was visiting from Toronto. Him and our friend Doopah came over Friday night and Mathieu asked both of us to be groomsmen in his wedding next June.  This is so exciting!! Mathieu is probably my oldest friend, we go back to grade 5 when he first moved to Aylmer. I can’t remember exactly when we met but I do remember him pissing me off in class and me squirting sunscreen in his eyes to get back at him. We’ve been friends ever since.

I have a bunch of pictures from way back when but nothing on the computer. The oldest pics I have on my laptop are from a party we had at my parents house a few years back.

Taken way back in 2004 when we were both stupidly drunk


Playing three man way back when. It's great that pretty much everyone around this table are still really good friends of mine 7 years later. Heck I had dim sum with the three guys in the back today.


Henry approves of Mathieu as well

although he looks miserable in this pic, I swear Henry likes him 🙂


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