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Lazy Blogger October 13, 2011

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I’ve been a tad lazy when it comes to blogging these days. It’s not for lack of activities though, in fact it’s the opposite. We’re so full of activities that when I do have a moment to myself, I kind of want to watch tv or read or something and not write.

My latest endeavor was borrowed from my friend Amy who commented a few posts ago about getting a good sports bra for a running program she’s doing. Well I’ve decided to do it as well. It’s called C25K and stands for Couch to 5km. I found the running program for it easily online here. I’ve always envied those who can run and with this new sports bra that I bought, I feel I can actually try it. I love how this program works since it’s not a zero to 100 instantly kind of thing but a slow and steady progress in 9 weeks time. I started yesterday and felt great doing it. Even felt I could do more but didn’t want to push it too much and am sticking to the “rules” of week 1. I had to tweak it a bit such as a 10 minute warm up and 10 minute cool down just so that I could walk to an area where I could let Ginger off leash.

Running with a golden doodle and a stroller presents its own set of issues. Ginger, who was off leash, though we were playing a game so every time I started running, she’d run in circles around me (and Henry who was fast asleep in the stroller) and yelp/bark at my and try and attack me. She did this the first few times I ran and then seemed to get bored with me so at one point when I started running, I looked back and she was nowhere in sight so I was kind of jogging in place while yelling “GINGER!! GINGER!!! COME BACK!!!” until she eventually came back. I liked doing it on the abandoned road near our house since as mentioned, I can take Ginger off leash but also I can run without feeling too much like a lumbering idiot in front of people. I kind of have to do the road twice to get the full workout but it’s worth it.

I figured by writing it down here, I can’t really back away from it. I want to commit to it so I’m holding myself accountable to all those who read this.  It’s a nice add on to my fitmom classes (which are every Tuesday morning). Another reason for wanting to run…. to keep up with my little monster Henry. He’s so quick now when he wants to be. This morning he was playing in our upstairs hallway with a toy while I got ready, keeping an eye on him. Well he decided in a flash that he was crawling to the railing/banister and climbing it. He did it so quickly, one minute he’s sitting in front of me, the next he’s standing hanging on to the railings and laughing maniacally. He almost gave me a heart attack. I know he can’t fall through the railings but it still gets my heart pumping. He’s going to be such a trouble maker.

Moi? Trouble? Whatever do you mean?


I am king silly pants, bow to me!


I love how this pic makes it look like Henry has this giant man hand, kind of like Tina Fey's book "Bossypants"



2 Responses to “Lazy Blogger”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Way to go Melina. I think it’s a great idea to add the running to your blog – it will definitely make you feel more accountable!

  2. Caitlin Says:

    How does the running program work? How easy does it start you out? :S I worry I would be too out of shape for even the beginning week

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