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Operation Orange Tabby October 10, 2011

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I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge and this whole sleep thing has been quite the challenge, hence I decided 4 days ago to commence Operation Orange Tabby. Why the name? Because aside from the dead, not many creatures/people sleep more than an orange tabby. Our tabby Atticus can easily sleep 23 out of 24 hours, the other hour being used for eating and using the litter box.  Anyways, we’ve decided to let Atticus be responsible for teaching Henry sleeping skills so we basically lock him up in Henry’s room at night and hope for the best. Ok, I don’t actually do that but I thought Operation Orange Tabby sounded better than Operation Sleep Through the Night.

The operation started on Thursday night with the decision that Henry needed to fall asleep on his own, so I nursed him until he was almost asleep and then we’d go to his room, sing a few lullabies and then put him down still awake. That worked well. The other decision was to not feed him during the night. If he woke up, we would go and comfort him but would not feed him. Well that didn’t last very long. Thursday night he went down at 7pm and woke up at 10:30 and the plan started. Well after screaming/crying for an hour and a half I gave in and fed him (although I didn’t feed him for him to get full, just enough to top him off). He then went down at midnight and slept until 8am. The same thing happened on Friday where he cried and cried until I topped him off again and this time he slept from midnight to 7am.  Both feedings took place in Henry’s room. In fact, we now refuse to take him out of his room during the night.

Long story short, on Saturday night, Henry slept 11 hours and last night he slept 10 hours, woke up at 6:00 to eat then went back down until almost 9am. This has been some pretty great progress. Who knows how we did it, it could just be Henry’s body has finally clued into to fact that he feels better when he sleeps, whatever it is, I’m not complaining and I’m hoping it lasts. I’m going to stick to my guns on the whole staying in his room and trying not to feed him at night in hopes that he learns.  If that doesn’t work, well there’s always Atticus who can step in.

I can sleep pretty much anywhere. Let me show you how.


I do feel somewhat better after a full night's sleep


We’ve had two turkey dinners this weekend which could also potentially explain the full night’s sleep. Last night Henry ate a whole jar of sweet potatoes that my mom had bought. The little guy couldn’t get enough food.



Fine then, I'll just eat this leather!


I had bought this super cute Thanksgiving outfit for Henry. It was a long sleeved brown onesie that said “gobble gobble gobble” on it and then striped cream and brown pants with a turkey on the butt. Of course, I completely forgot to bring my camera at my mom’s house yesterday. Luckily, she had hired a photographer to take some family pics so here’s hoping some good ones of Henry turned out that I could keep.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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