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Splish Splash October 9, 2011

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Henry had his first swimming lesson yesterday. He absolutely loved it. I think Chris enjoyed himself a lot too. I sat on the sidelines with a bunch of other parents who watched on. I sneaked a few pictures of Henry swimming. A fellow mom (who’s son is also in Henry’s music class) was telling me that when her son Elliot first started swimming, she took a bunch of photos and was told it wasn’t allowed so I was being super stealthy about the whole thing so excuse the grainy spy quality of the pics since they were taken from afar.

I've rinsed myself now I'm ready to swim!


Learning to float on my stomach


Circle time!


Chilling out in the baby pool


After swim class we drove to Kingston to celebrate Thanksgiving with Chris’ family. The meal was terrific and Henry got a puree of turkey, brussell sprouts, peas and potatoes. He really seemed to enjoy it. We then went for a long walk and luckily he slept a little since he had pretty much refused to sleep all day. I was somewhat dreading last night since I figured his lack of sleeping during the day and all the excitement might make for a difficult night however I was once again proved wrong and he slept from 8pm to almost 7am. I couldn’t believe it. Now I’m desperately trying to figure out what magical combination of factors helped cause these 11 hours of sleep. I hope we can recreate it!


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