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Cool as a Cucumber October 4, 2011

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We’ve decided to do a half and half thing with the Baby Led Weaning. Meaning we’ll spoon feed some things to him and others we’ll let him eat himself. His latest craze is cucumbers. He just loves those things. I don’t know if it’s because it’s cold and crunchy but that little guy devours them.


Yum yum yum...



Another thing he now likes eating is his crib railing. He’s just constantly moving around in that thing now. When he wakes up at night and cries, I’ll go in and find him sitting in there not knowing what to do. I think he might be sitting up in his sleep and not able to get back down.

grrrrr.... do not put hands inside the bars


I don’t know if it’s just because I pay more attention to the name now,  but I seem to hear the name Henry everywhere now. I don’t think I heard it as often before our Henry was born but now it seems whenever I watch tv, there’s a character (or a baby) named Henry. I went to pick up something at my mom’s chiropractor the other day and the receptionist asked what my baby’s name was. I told her Henry and she said “OOOohh… Like Emily Deschanel’s baby?” and I’m thinking “no, I had mine first, so she technically named her son after mine!”. Oh well I guess it’s a trendier name than I thought. Something to get used to.

I'm the only Henry hip enough to wear this hat though


4 Responses to “Cool as a Cucumber”

  1. Whistlepea Says:

    I think Henry and Jacob were the most popular names last year. He’ll follow in his dad’s footsteps by having his last initial included in his name at school.

  2. Whistlepea Says:

    I don’t know where I read that or if it was something Chris found when we were looking at names. It may be wrong. It’s a cute name so who cares?

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