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Brrrrr…. October 2, 2011

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It’s getting cold out there and I’ve completely forgotten how to dress up a baby for colder weather. I mean, when he was younger, we’d put him in a onesie and a sleeper, topped with a knitted hat and then plop him in his car seat where we had this massive seat cover that kept him warm. No more… Also, as I’ve mentioned before, Henry isn’t a big fan of clothing but he’ll tolerate it. What he won’t tolerate is me mashing slippers on his feet. And boy does he have big feet. I have to put him in toddler size stuff for his massive feet. Luckily we went to the Outgrow Outplay sale on Saturday morning and bought him a couple of slippers, some boots and a pair of Stonz baby booties which just might be the smartest thing out there. We also bought some long sleeved onesies and a few sleepers (zipper ones Courtenay!) I’m sure I’ll get used to the whole “dressing baby for winter” thing but now that he’s a bit squirmier it’s a tad harder.


enjoying a good swing in a new hoody


what is this awesome green stuff that I can just rip out of the ground


more grass


Wearing the sweater I knit him (already kind of snug) and showing off our new sectional sofa


bundled up for a walk


hanging out with Ginger




Now we have to find Henry some mittens. If anyone can suggest some good ones for a squirmy baby, let me know. Preferably some that won’t get lost anywhere.



2 Responses to “Brrrrr….”

  1. mom Says:

    Mais qu’il est rendu grand! Quand est-ce que ca c’est passé ca?Je la’i vu mercredi passé! Il a perdu son air bébé et reflète maintenant son look pti gars

  2. Caitlin Says:

    I love his hat! He and Brian have similar taste!

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