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Halloween weekend October 31, 2011

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We went to a great party on Saturday night at our friends Mike and Vero’s house. We were there for a short time though since Henry tagged along. We realized that he’s getting old enough that we should think of getting a babysitter for nighttime parties, basically put him down then go out. I feel I can confidently say though that he had the cutest costume.

Princess Leia, Han Solo and their dog errr... ewok


LMFAO chose to party with us on Saturday


Amy Winehouse and 80's rocker


Arrrrr Matey


Dog the Bounty Hunter and his lovely wife Beth


Chris was responsible for taking pics since he had pockets to hold the camera, thus these are the only pics we have of the evening.

Yesterday we went to Almonte to celebrate my brother in-law George’s birthday. He had a blast (and by he, I mean George)




Henry showed off his Halloween costume again:

Sad puppy


Family photo!


Henry also got some nice souvenirs from Marty who just got back from Peru. This little number looks smashing on him:

Yeah, I look good.


Alright, I'll give you a smile, but only a half coy one...


When we got home yesterday, we had a special guest waiting for us on our porch. My friend Katrina has been making our pumpkin for the last three years and brought over this little gem:

Spooktacular! Can't wait to see this guy lit up!



Closet Cleanup

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We finally finalized the closest remodeling (well if you can call adding a few shelves remodeling). I’m pretty happy with the results and the lack of clutter.


See the lack of paint inside the closet. We never painted the inside of it since we were exhausted from having painted the entire house when we first moved in.


Shoe mass grave


More shoes


Henry acting as foreman while Chris removed the old closest system. Notice the tons of coats piled on the sofa.




Down to four coats each taking up half the closet. We also painted the inside of the closet.


Outerwear storage in the upper part of the closet. With one shelf specifically for Henry.


New shoe storage system taking the other half of the closet


We even found one of Henry's old baby hats that still fits!


Speaking of stuff we found, there are two additional jackets in our closet that we have no idea who they belong to. So if you’re missing a brown medium Columbia jacket or an XXL Greyish white Gap shell type jacket, look no further, we have them.






You WILL Tell Me The Location Of The Microfiche October 28, 2011

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Lately I feel like I’m constantly struggling with Henry physically.  You’d swear I’m torturing him for information some times. I keep having to remind him “Henry the Cold War is over dude, relax!” My arms are often sore by the end of the day just by trying to restrain him all the time. He’s always pushing away or squirming around when I carry him. He fights me on most things like putting him in a car seat, putting him in the stroller, getting him dressed, feeding him, putting him down to sleep.

The most recent, and I must say most frustrating battle lately though has been when changing his diaper.  The second I put him on the change table, he rolls around. Often he’ll be mid diaper change and will flip over, bum in the air trying to crawl away. I figured out this weird way of snapping on the cloth diaper as he’s in a crawl mode but it’s really hard to do and I just wish he’d lie still for 2 minutes, just enough time to make sure pee doesn’t get everywhere. I thought I was stubborn… Henry puts my stubbornness to shame. It’s like he inherited mine and multiplied it.

Henry crawling away


Oh I'm a lumberjack and I'm ok, I sleep part of the night and sometimes during the day.


I Got My Bear! October 26, 2011

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The subject line is something my niece Josie said often while on vacation in the Finger Lakes when carrying her stuffed teddy bear. The first time she said it, we all thought she said “I got my beer” but then realized she was talking about the bear. It was pretty cute. Anyways, I now have my bear as well.

Henry: ok mom, I'll wear this as long as you promise not to put it on the blog. Me:


This is actually an outfit that one of Chris’ dad’s secretaries got for us when Henry was born. It was for a 9 month old so we had completely forgotten about it until Chris found it the other day. It’s perfect for Henry when I go running since the hands have built in mitts. It’s super warm too so again, perfect!


Well if you're going to insist on taking my picture, at least get my good angle.


Happy Bear


Fitness Progress Report October 25, 2011

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Thought I’d touch base to give a bit of a progress report on the whole running thing. So far so good. I finished week 2 on Monday and still feel good about it. I’m hoping to start week 3 tomorrow or Thursday depending on how my body feels tomorrow since I’m still doing my fitmom classes on Tuesdays.  I’ve been feeling pretty good about it all. I’m getting 4 workouts a week and feeling great. Week 3 is a little daunting since I will have to run 3 minutes in a row which is terrifying but I think I can do it. I mean the whole point of the program is to get to running for 25-30 minutes in a row so I couldn’t coast on running 90 seconds the whole time.

I’ve noticed a few physical changes since I started running. My pants are a lot looser which is awesome. Since giving birth I’ve gone down 3 pre-pregnancy pant sizes and I’m on the verge of going down again. I can’t seem to loose what I call my kangaroo pouch though. Henry managed to stretch that out completely. Hopefully if I keep doing planks and ab workouts I can tighten that area again (some day!).

As for my running partners, I’m getting a little fed up with one of them:

but I LOVE running with you!


Ginger is a very enthusiastic runner, a little too enthusiastic. She sometimes thinks it’s one giant game and will turn on me and jump at/on me while barking like crazy. Other time she runs right into the woods after some woodland creature and I have to yell at her to come back. The most annoying thing though is that she sometimes thinks we’re doing an honorary guard thing for Henry and his stroller and will trot in front of it which means that she often will get a stroller wheel in the butt when she slows down. She never learns either. Just keeps doing it.

I’m really enjoying my other running partner though. He just usually lies there and will either observe everything that’s happening or sleep peacefully. Couldn’t ask for more.

I don't understand it mom. I go out with you every time and my pants are getting smaller!!


Drunk Baby October 23, 2011

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For some reason, almost all the pictures that I took today of Henry make him look wasted. I just couldn’t get a shot with both his eyes open. I guess I just sucked at photography today.

I had a rough night

Heeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy good looking *hic* you come here often *hic*

no, no, I couldn't have one more drink.....ah, ok, just one.

We had a fairly expensive weekend. Yesterday Chris bought a new bicycle and I bought a fair bit of Christmas gifts at Tag Along Toys for Henry as well as for our niece and nephews (hey, everything was 20% off in the store). Today we went to Ikea in hopes of picking up some stuff to organize our front closet. Only problem is that Ikea is a bit “exclusive” in that we would need an Ikea Pax closet for Ikea accessories to fit in it. We decided to go to the Solution store in the Train Yards and custom made a front hall closet organization system. I’m so excited to get it. Our trip to Ikea wasn’t completely fruitless though since we fell in love with one of the kitchen demos and are thinking of getting solid oak countertops as well as changing all the hardware for our cupboards. Now I keep hearing the sound of cash registers going “Ka-CHING”.

Oh and I got some decent pics today.

Daddy making me laugh


stop daddy stop!!! Ok, don't stop!


The Cow Says Moo October 22, 2011

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Yesterday Henry went to the Valleyview Little Animal Farm. Our friend Judy and her daughter Avery organized a playgroup type activity for the morning. We hadn’t expected there to be about a million school children but adapted pretty well to the situation. Henry had a lot of fun until he passed out during the Museum portion of the trip. I guess antique farm equipment isn’t his thing. He perked up a lot when I took him out of his stroller to take pumpkin pictures. It gave me an appreciation for professional photographers who work with babies. It was almost impossible to get focused pics of Henry and Avery, they were much more interested in the hay, flowers, pumpkins than smiling for their mommies who were going crazy trying to get their attention.

Check out my monster mitts. How cute are they?





Avery being all flirty


Henry looking at the camera all suspiciously. You can't see it here, but he's got his hand all tangled up in my hair and was pulling like crazy.


What the heck is that?


A Scottish Cow... or a Yak for Judy


Mom, that thing looks a lot like Ginger


Baby Scottish cow


Out cold


Llama in serious need of braces


what's this?


Henry giving his "Daniel Craig" steely gaze


Avery wanting to look everywhere but the camera


and a bunch more:

Hey there pretty lady, you come here often?


Check out this hay on the ground. Think we should eat it?


Psss... I have a crush on you



She prefers the flowers over me 😦




Curveball October 20, 2011

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Since my written diatribe against Henry’s sleeping patterns, he’s all of a sudden become a good sleeper. The night after the one from hell, he slept 9 hours straight waking up only around 4:00 for a feeding. Last night he went down at 7 and slept until 2:30. We’re convinced he woke up because of the massive thunderstorm outside. He cried it out a bit and went back to sleep until 6am when I fed him. He then slept until 8:30!!! What the what? I’m super happy he was able to go 11 hours between feedings. Now the big issue is that he sits up in his sleep and sometimes even stands up and cries. My friend Katie Jackson sent me a message the other day which was basically an email her friend had sent her about her experience sleep training her daughter. It sounds like pretty much the same thing we’ve been doing except she had an answer for the whole “sitting or standing” issue which felt like the missing piece of our puzzle. So last night when he started crying, I waited 10 minutes then went into his room to find him sitting and crying. I lay him down and said “Henry, dodo” and walked out. He was not happy about this. I did it a few times, each time putting him back down and saying “dodo”. Eventually Chris went in and did it as well and he fell back asleep.

Today I started Henry’s baby scrapbook while my sister was over working on her oldest son Logan’s baby scrapbook.  We had fun but it was tough to do more than 2 pages each with Henry and Niko with us.

And now some pics for those who were requesting more recent ones (I’m talking to you Ralph!)


What do you want from me? I'm a baby!


Pets hanging out on the floor


This is my "pick me up please mommy, I'm ever so sad" look.


My boys


Great smiles (although Chris is looking a little devilish)




Let me think on this a little


Pouty face!! Or poop face, I'm not sure.


Playing with his favourite toy. He throws it across the floor then fetches it. We finally have one member of the family who can fetch (Ginger is useless when it comes to fetching).



Mission NOT Accomplished October 18, 2011

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So Operation Orange Tabby (aka sleep through the night) has been a complete and utter failure of epic proportions. Henry has given up on sleep entirely. I heard that at around 8 months old some babies sleep get disrupted due to separation anxiety. So naturally my baby is affected (effected?) by this. A pea under seven mattresses would keep this kid up. Last night was the worst. We had decided, no matter what, we were not taking Henry out of his crib after his last feeding.  Well he cried screamed from 7:30 to 9:30 with Chris constantly reassuring him. We had read that to help with separation anxiety that it helps to just sit in the room with the baby to let them know you are there while they fall asleep. That wasn’t working. I think he eventually passed out due to sheer frustration. He then slept until midnight and woke up and screamed again until 2:00 am. And by then I was so exhausted that I just changed him and fed him a little. I know, I’m weak. But a baby screaming for 2 hours while you’re in the room petting him and shushing and singing lullabies is just as tiring for a parent.

So now Operation Orange Tabby is on the back burner and being replaced with Operation “please sleep just a little bit, please, please, please, please, even 2 hours would be nice”. I’m tired of being tired and tired that this blog has somehow become a sleep journal. I also don’t like the person that I become at 4am after being up with a screaming baby for a few hours. The other day I told Henry in a quiet voice as he wailed “you could be a poster child for birth control”. I felt terrible about saying that. I still do. Day time Melina hates what night time Melina says sometimes. I’ve been told several times by other mothers that saying things like that in the middle of the night is normal and therapeutic however I still feel guilty about it.

Today I found myself fantasizing about spending a night at the Brookstreet hotel. I would book a massage right before bed then just sleep all night without interruption from a screaming/crying baby, a snoring husband or a caterwauling psychopathic cat. Ahh… a girl can dream.

So tonight we’re going to hope and pray that Henry sleeps a little more than he did last night, and then more the following night and so forth and so forth. Or I could switch to Operation “Pureed Gravol in Dinner”…

I'm going to win this battle mom... I have my battle face on.


Suffer For My Art October 16, 2011

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I went to a needle felting workshop yesterday with my mother in-law Pat in Almonte. I can’t quite remember the name of the shop but it was a two hour affair where we made Christmas ornaments. Our instructor is a hand animator who last movie was Princess and the Frog. She’s also an emmy winner for her work on Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego. Anyways, the way you needle felt is you have some unspun yarn that you shape and then stab repeatedly with a needle with grooves in it (you stab it onto a giant sponge). Anyways, I stabbed myself more than once but I really enjoyed the whole workshop. despite the bleeding fingers.  They have another one in January where she’s going to show how to needle felt a dragon. I’m somewhat interested in doing it but I’m also now wanting to participate in various artsy/crafty workshops so if anyone comes across one, let me know.

It took me a while to get the hang of it and you can see my ornaments somewhat improved as I made more. We made three snowmen, three santas and three penguins. I’m posting the pics of my better ones.




Henry decided last night that it would be fun to scream for two and a half hours straight. It seemed like he was in physical pain but I have no idea what was causing it. I can’t see any sign of teeth. I tried giving him Advil but that did nothing. I was u with him from 2 to 3 and Chris ended up staying up with him from 3:00 to 4:30 then he couldn’t get back to sleep. You could tell he was tired but he’d shriek every time we put him down.  All to say, Chris and Henry missed out on some awesome Dim Sum fun this afternoon. Our friends Ross, Selena and Declan are in town visiting from Senegal so we decided to get the whole gang together and eat and eat some more. Dim Sum is so delicious and so filling although I always find myself hungry later on. When I got home I found out that Henry slept for a total of 30 minutes and Chris got no sleep at all. Poor guys!

I refuse to sleep!


In other great news, I saw my friend Mathieu on Friday who was visiting from Toronto. Him and our friend Doopah came over Friday night and Mathieu asked both of us to be groomsmen in his wedding next June.  This is so exciting!! Mathieu is probably my oldest friend, we go back to grade 5 when he first moved to Aylmer. I can’t remember exactly when we met but I do remember him pissing me off in class and me squirting sunscreen in his eyes to get back at him. We’ve been friends ever since.

I have a bunch of pictures from way back when but nothing on the computer. The oldest pics I have on my laptop are from a party we had at my parents house a few years back.

Taken way back in 2004 when we were both stupidly drunk


Playing three man way back when. It's great that pretty much everyone around this table are still really good friends of mine 7 years later. Heck I had dim sum with the three guys in the back today.


Henry approves of Mathieu as well

although he looks miserable in this pic, I swear Henry likes him 🙂