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Sweet Tooth September 26, 2011

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Chris and I indulged our sweet tooth this weekend by having dessert every night. We hadn’t planned it that way, it just sort of happened and who are we to deny destiny?

Friday night we decided to walk to our local pub for dinner. I love how close the Barley Mow is to our place. Even better, because it’s in a suburb, it’s family friendly as well. Chris and I split this delicious brownie/ice cream concoction while Henry ate some apples and blueberries.

Saturday morning we got up super early to drop into the Outgrow Outplay sale in Kanata. I had picked up a pass allowing us to get in 30 minutes before the general public and what a difference that made. It was an absolute mad house. Most people were glamoured by the play structures and baby chairs/swings/strollers. Chris and I made a beeline for the baby gates and snatched up the two best ones that normally retail for around $60 to $70 each. Ours combined were $55 which was a huge steal! We also got a little toy truck that helps babies walk ($10), a keyboard piano in the shape of a crocodile($12), a lullaby aquarium thingy for Henry’s crib ($10), a snow suit, a winter jacket, a hoodie that comes with a puffy vest (combined $15) and two 18 month sleepers ($6). I also picked up a sleep sack for my sister (well really for Niko) that was $3. We saw a Quinny stroller, brand new that was $60 (they’re usually $300). I was telling Chris “We have to buy this because it’s so affordable” but he wouldn’t budge on that one. For those kicking themselves for having missed this sale, there’s an even bigger one this weekend in Nepean. I’m thinking of going again to see if I can find a travel crib for Henry and maybe some 12 month sleepers since we realized we have all of two of them 😦

Chris brewed some beer Saturday afternoon while I tried to do a photo shoot with Henry wearing some clothes that Gill and George bought him in NYC. I tried having Atticus in the photo shoot as well but it was a no-go.

Let's be friends


Hells No!!


Saturday night we went over to our friends Caitlin and Brian’s house for a delicious meal (we always get such good food from them!) and had our second dessert of Apple Crisp. Mouth watering!

Sunday morning we went for Dim Sum for the first time in a very VERY long time. I had missed it sooo much. I even decided to straighten my hair and put on makeup for the occasion.

first time wearing makeup in about 6 months


Henry wasn’t so much of a fan(of the makeup or the dim sum).

Wake me when it's over


Finally our third dessert happened at my dad’s place where we went for dinner. We had some great vegetarian lasagna and an awesome lemon/vanilla cake from a local bakery. Henry started laughing almost the second we got there when he saw the two Beagles. I swear he’s going to give them a complex.

Today Henry had another adjustment with his osteopath Elliot Vlad. That guy can work wonders for kids. After an hour of adjusting, Henry was crawling fowards on his hands and knees. It’s amazing the difference you can see in just an hour. It’s great that he’s in Westboro now. Much closer to our place. I also like that he give priority appointments to children and pregnant women since he was telling me today that he’s completely booked for adults until next year but that he’ll open his practice on a Saturday or close later in the day if a child or pregnant woman needs an adjustment.Henry showed off some of his new moves with Lolly this afternoon who came by for her weekly visit.


Watch me sit Lolly


Now watch me stand







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