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One Less Thing To Worry About September 21, 2011

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We found a daycare for Henry!! I’ve been stressing out about this for a while. I really wanted to get into a daycare center and not a home daycare. I’m not anti home daycare, in fact, I went to one as a kid and enjoyed it (aside from the daycare providers kids who liked to torture us by locking us in dark rooms and yelling “bloody mary”). We really wanted a center since it would afford us a bit more flexibility. We didn’t want to have to plan our lives around someone’s schedule such as their vacation time or when they’re sick.

For a long time it looked like we’d have to go the home daycare route which killed us since there are 3 centers within walking distance of our house but they all had crazy wait lists like 2 to 3 years and most only take kids at 18 months. I was lamenting this fact on Facebook and a friend mentioned checking out the website which I did. I entered my postal code and found a 4th daycare center in our neighbourhood which I found odd since I thought I was on the up and up for all the local centers. I went to their website and realized that they were just opening. It was a BRAND NEW CENTER!! I quickly called them and found out that they do in fact have space and they take 12 month old babies. It’s called the Children’s Universe Daycare and they have 6 locations across Ottawa with the newest one being Kanata North. They have a twitter feed actually as well and will announce available spots every time they have some.

Chris and I arranged a tour for Monday. We both jokingly said “if there aren’t any rats and it doesn’t look like the kids are being beaten, we’re taking it!” since, again, it’s really difficult to find a center. I think we were both pleasantly surprised by the center itself. There’s an infant room, two toddler rooms, a preschool room and a school age room. These rooms are pretty large and have huge windows that look out onto the play yards (yes plural, one for every age group). They get breakfast and lunch as well as snacks and the infants get to nap in actual cribs (not playpens which Henry hates). Also, they open at 7am which is perfect for early to work people like Chris and I.

This is how I look at 9am and you want me to be up and out by 7am?


So today I went an paid for our registration fee and put a security deposit down for a full time spot in February. If anyone’s looking for full time daycare in Kanata North, they still have spots available but they’re filling up quickly. When I was registering today, the supervisor was on the phone with another parent looking for a spot. I believe there are 3 infant spots left if anyone’s interested.

One cruddy thing is that it’s going to cost us more than a home daycare would. That’s pretty much the case with all daycare centers though. We’re going to have to tighten our belts a little  but at least the price will go down when Henry’s 18 months old. We’re also guaranteed a spot for a second child should we have one which is nice as well. It would be nice if the Government of Ontario could do something similar to Quebec with the $7 daycare. I wish that were one of the platforms in the upcoming election. But enough with the self pity. We found a daycare!!







One Response to “One Less Thing To Worry About”

  1. Caitlin Says:

    Can’t wait to see you guys! Glad to hear you found such an awesome place, that must be quite the load off.

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