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Use Me Up September 18, 2011

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For the past week or so, Henry has been using both Chris and I as climbing tools. If we get within grabbing reach, he’ll put his hands on us and lift himself up to a standing position. We’re proud and all that he can stand up but at the same time we have to be completely focused since he puts his complete trust in the fact that we’ll make sure he doesn’t fall.I wish I had a picture of him doing it however I usually have to keep both hands on him and therefore can’t reach for the camera. You’ll just have to satisfy yourself with this picture of Henry reading:

This is fascinating


Chris walked the Army Run half marathon today. He walked in 3 hours and 16 minutes. Thanks to everyone who pledged money to the families of soldiers (dad, Pat & Marty, Gillian & George, Dawn and whoever else pledged). Chris was able to raise $250 for the charity. He also ran on behalf of  Corporal Albert Storm who was killed in November 2006 due to a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan

Chris ran in honour of Corporal Albert Storm


I took some pics before and after the marathon of Chris and his friend Travis who also walked the half marathon.

Early Sunday morning before the race


Afterwards. Chris with his new dog tags and Henry wearing Travis' oh and Atticus' butt....


I’ve somewhat started introducing some aspects of Baby Led Weaning to Henry. Today we tried giving him a banana. He liked it ok, didn’t eat all of it. He kept holding it out towards Ginger and then he dropped it and she gobbled it up. We’ll have to make sure Ginger isn’t hanging around too much if we start this method seriously since she’ll gain a few kilos from dropped food.

yes, this is his "I like it" face...




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