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DIY tutorial September 15, 2011

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My mommy instincts were on high alert yesterday when I mentioned how cranky Henry was. It manifested itself last night into a full blown freak out that lasted from 10:30 to 1:00-1:30. I have no idea what was wrong with him but nothing was calming him down. I even tried giving him baby tylenol and nada. I could tell he was in physical pain but couldn’t do anything but hold him and whisper comforting things to him. He eventually calmed down and went to sleep… until 5am. This time he went back down more easily around 5:30-6:00 and slept until 8am. I then brought him in bed and nursed him lying down until he fell asleep again (I kind of dozed myself) until 9:30.  Henry got about 6 mosquito bites on his head yesterday from a walk in the woods so I half wondered if that’s what was bothering him…

my poor little guy. Reacts to bites just like his mom

Anyways, short story long, I realized that I have no control over when/how Henry sleeps but I do have some control on where he sleeps and in what. So today to cheer myself up a bit, I broke out the old sewing machine and made him another crib sheet. I bought the fabric on our trip to the Finger Lakes. Chris would be upset if I failed to mentioned that he picked out the fabric. So there you go Chris…

Anyways, while I was making it, I thought, why don’t I take some step by step pics and give instructions on how to make crib sheets in case anyone out there is desperate to make some.


2 yards of  45″ fabric (cotton, cotton blend or flannel)

coordinating thread

3/8″ elastic (about 90 inches of it)

Step 1: Cut a rectangle out of your fabric, 75″ X 45″ ( I usually leave the selvage edge on)

Step 2: Cut out from each corner a square that measures 8 and 3/4″ (I save the squares for future projects)

you can't see it here, but the other two corners are cut out like this as well

Step 3: Match up the two sides of each corner (right sides together) and stitch them up, backstitching at each end. This makes up the fitted  corners. Do this for all 4 corners.

One completed corner

Step 4: Turn under the edge of the entire piece by 1/4″ and press, then turn under again 1/2″ and press/pin into place. This will make your elastic casing.

for the next few steps I forgot to take pics so hopefully I’m clear enough

Step 5: stitch the folded over side of the casing as close to the edge as possible (like 1/8″) leaving open a 2 inch gap (backstitch on each side of this gap).

Step 6: Thread your 90″ elastic into the gap. I use 2 safety pins. I attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and snake it into the casing. I then use a safety pin for the other end and pin it to the material near the casing so as to not loose the elastic inside the casing while snaking it through (trust me, it’s really freaking frustrating losing the other end of the elastic when you finish the threading).

Step 7:  When the entire elastic is in and both safety pins are peeking out of the gap you left, pull the elastic together and sew it tightly. Then sew the gap shut over the elastic.

And voila! A crib sheet!

the colors match Henry's room perfectly.

Step 8: Add a crying baby:

I don't like change!!!

Honestly, this was Henry pretty much all day so it was tough getting a picture of him not crying. The one below is the closest I got.

He went to sleep at 7 tonight. Hopefully he sleeps for a little bit.


One Response to “DIY tutorial”

  1. gillian Says:

    this is ALL i want for Xmas. sheets that fit our bed. ALL I WANT!!!!

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