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Cranky Pants McGee September 14, 2011

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Henry was such a cranky pants today. I had a hard time getting him to cooperate for anything. I’m hoping he’s not getting sick and was just having an off day. Chris thinks it’s Henry’s subtle way of saying we’re spending too much time together and that maybe daddy should have the rest of the parental leave…. Nice try Chris.

Despite being cranky, I forged ahead with Sandra and Luis for our first play date in a long time. Summer just kind of messed up our schedules a bit but we’re somewhat back on track for playing. The boys are getting bigger. It’s neat seeing them interact more. And by interact, I mean try and gouge each others eyes out lovingly. Seriously, what is it with babies that they want to poke and bite other babies in a non angry way. Henry kept trying to rip Luis’ hair out while Luis (who has two bottom teeth) was trying to bite Henry’s hand.The whole time they were trying to beat each other up, they were chatty and giggly.

The "backwards crawl"... it's all the rage in European clubs

Luis learning how to drive

Henry trying to figure out Luis' game

give me that...

I thought only teenagers could give this look... I was wrong

Our play date was slightly interrupted by an appointment I had booked to have our piano tuned. The boys were mesmerized by the piano tuner has he played around with the piano.

it's beautiful... keep playing

Even managed to coax a bit of a smile out of Henry

The car seat I ordered arrived yesterday and it’s massive. I really really hope it fits in our car.

You shall be named Behemoth! (we'll just have to find another nickname for Atticus)

I’ve been contemplating the notion of Baby Led Weaning.  Baby Led Weaning just means letting your child feed themselves from the very start of weaning. You don’t use purees or jars, just normal food that you would eat, except cooked appropriately for a baby. Henry has almost zero interest in eating his purees. He’ll eat some from time to time but he’s not invested in the whole process. However whenever Chris and I are eating, he’s always reaching for our food. Has anyone ever tried this method? Does it work well? I’m so worried about choking issues but the method seems to state that choking isn’t a concern. I’d love to hear how people out there got their babies to eat solids.

Henry offering Ginger his avocado this morning since he wasn't having any.

why can't I just eat this? I love eating this!!


3 Responses to “Cranky Pants McGee”

  1. I read about that approach when I was feeding K solids but when I ran it past the dietician at our baby group she was totally horrified. I still don’t give K chunks of certain foods. They can choke on anything.

  2. April Hardwick Says:

    I think you already know I’m a baby led weaner (he he) – 3 out of my 5 have gone to solids this way. I didn’t know about it for the first 2. I generally just start with bananas, and then we move on quickly from there!
    Honestly, they really don’t choke. They gag every once in a while and at first that terrified me, but you learn quickly it’s just a part of learning.

  3. Kelly Says:

    I met this sweet and happy baby – I don’t believe your cranky-pants propaganda! 😉
    I am also interested in the straight to solid foods method. Makes sense to me.

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