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Our weekend September 12, 2011

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We did a few firsts this weekend. I installed a swing on our tree Friday afternoon in hopes that Henry would enjoy it. The swing is technically for 9 months old, so Henry’s 2 months shy but we supervised the entire process and he loved it.

woo-hoo! I'm flying!

I think he was honestly more interested in the strap that he kept sucking on the entire time he was swinging.

Another big step (well for me it was), is that we lowered Henry’s crib Friday night. He’s started pulling himself up on things, mainly Chris and I, but we were worried he’d pull himself up in his crib and topple over so Chris took apart our Ikea crib and lowered it under the supervision of our foreman Purrl while I got a little weepy that my baby is growing up.

This is Chris' "must you take a picture of everything" smile

See if you can spot our foreman

Hard at work

Henry and Commissionaire Bear hanging out in the lowered crib.

I was able to go out without Henry twice this weekend. Friday night was book club at my friend Sylvia’s house where we discussed the book Sarah’s Key. If you ever want to read something both engrossing and tragic, I’d definitely recommend this book about the 1942 Vel D’Hiv round up in France. I must warn you though it’s a very difficult read emotionally.

Saturday morning I joined up with my sister and went to the Baby Boom Show at the Nepean Sportsplex. Once again, I left Henry at home since he had refused to nap all morning, Chris and I decided it was best if he stayed home and slept. I love going to this show with my sister. We went last year and she was taking anything that wasn’t bolted down saying “but they’re free samples!” So this year we stocked up on tons of stuff from the formula company that also makes shakes for pregnant/nursing women. I ended up buying a conversion car seat from Babies R Us. I had been doing research all week after a fireman approached me at Sobey’s to inform me that Henry was growing out of his car seat and that I should get a new one. They had one at the show that was the top rated on Consumer Reports however they had it listed at 169.99 and online was 159.99. I informed the clerk about the price discrepancy so he gave it to me at the 159.99 price, plus 15% off and free shipping (they didn’t actually have any items to take home there) and then gave me a few $5 gift cards to Toys R Us. So the car seat ended up costing me around $130 which isn’t too shabby. I also purchased a wooden abacus for Henry (which he likes to shove in his mouth) and a few pairs of baby legs. I LOVE baby legs! I find them so much easier to handle than pants. Henry likes them as well since his legs are protected and he doesn’t overheat.

Chris and I have been mulling over sitting options for our basement. Our sofas are on their last legs and we want to maximize our seating options which is difficult since we have a giant post in the middle of our basement that makes it hard to place furniture. We’ve decided a leather sectional would fit in best. Most sectionals are too big for the space we have but not the Ikea Karlstad which would give us a bit of wiggle room to play with. It’s a tad pricey but we knew a leather sectional wouldn’t be cheap. Our friends Melanie and Marc have one and they swear by it so we went to test it out and fell in love with it (as well as the matching ottoman). Now we just have to make the actual plunge.

Taking her for a test sit. Also ensuring the Karlstad is drool proof.

Yesterday was our post vacation de-clutter morning followed by a great visit with our friends Kelly and Brad who finally got a chance to meet Henry. I completely forgot to take pictures, but Henry pretty much adopted them right away and kind of used them as a reclining chair and just chilled out with them. It was great. We then put Henry down and Chris and I watched the latest X-Men movie which might explain why I had dreams last night that I was fighting zombies with Magneto and Professor X.

Oh and one more first… Henry’s loving watermelons:



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